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2012/2013 Newsletters

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MCC 2012 / 2013 - State Finals Tournament - Barnett Reservoir
May 31 2013 - June 1 2013 - Madison, MS
MCC State Championship Winners - Rogers & Jeffcoats

Congratulations to Rabbit Rogers & Pat Jeffcoats on winning the MCC State Championship 2--Day Finals Tournament at Ross Barnett. Rogers & Jeffcoats won both days with 24.90#’s, proving they are the Crappie Kings on the Rez..

    We somehow knew what was going to happen before it actually happened. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who’s got the fish on Barnett dialed in, that would be Captain Rabbit Rogers and his first-mate Pat Jeffcoats. They proved it on Friday and then again on Saturday. As Rabbit told me many year ago “To Be The Man, You Gotta Beat The Man”. So true Rabbit, so true.

I could tell in practice that the fish would be in a post spawn, finicky mood. Rogers and Jeffcoats used their “Run & Gun” technique to catch only the active fish from their 50 or more spots. There’s no telling how many brushpiles Rabbit and Pat have placed in Barnett over the years. Some estimates are around 500 brush piles. Now that’s a lot of spots to consider.

You got to give Rabbit & Pat credit, they proved to be the best on both days. Using only a single pole single jig they beat the pants or shorts off the rest of us. The weather was great, no rain, just wind. No excuses we all got whipped, and whipped bad. Somehow I didn’t feel bad taking my whipping from two of the best single pole jig fishermen in the country, that’s right I said the entire country.

Rabbit & Pat’s 12.89#’s on day one put them on the hot seat for day 2. When Kent Driscoll & John Harrison weighed 11.64#’s on day two, Rabbit asked me what he needed to win. I said around 12#’s. When the scales stopped at 12.01#’s, it was like Déjà vu. That’s right we’ve already seen this before. I gotta admit, we have some of the best fishermen and women in the country fishing with MCC, and Rabbit and Pat are not only great fishermen, they’re great men.

Well that’s the way to end a great year. We had a great run for the 2012 / 2013 season. We fished 10 tournaments and two Big Mama’s. We all started and ended safely, Thank You Lord, and we all had fun. We caught record catches and became the envy of all the crappie clubs in the country. What more could you ask for? Good Fishing, Great People, and the Best Crappie Club in the World. ... BW ...
New Secretary/Treasurer and Tournament Director

MCC would like to welcome Paula Nowell & Michael Nowell, our newly elected Secretary / Treasurer and Tournament Director to the Board of Directors. Paula and Mike take over for Tonya and Terry Stewart. Thank you Terry and Tonya for your service. Y’all did a bang up job and we’ll still need your help along the way. Thanks.

    I would like to apologize for being late with the newsletter. I had a death in my family that occurred the first day of the finals. My brother-inlaw, Sam Smith of Florence MS, passed away with a massive heart attack early Friday morning, May 31. I completely lost focus of anything other than making sure my sister and her family were ok. Now that everything is almost back to normal I can move on.

Ok, the Out-Going Board of Directors have finalized the schedule for next year. We will fish 9 tournaments, 5 in the fall and 4 in the spring. The schedule is posted above for your convenience. We purposely left the finals To Be Announced (TBA). The BOD will make a decision on the finals in the during the BOD Meeting in August.

We’re asking each member to please try to recruit at-least one new member (team) and at-least one new sponsor. We have sponsorships from $150 to $2,500. If your team solicit up to $2,500 in one sponsor or $3,000 in multiple sponsors your entry fees are paid for the entire year. We’ll have new sponsorship forms available upon request. They can be mailed to you or you can download them from the website.

Finally, I’ve been told on numerous occasions that we (MCC) has the largest, oldest and the most organized crappie club in the country. It’s up to you to continue the effort. You can only get great results if you put great effort and participation. Let’s all work together to make this club the envy of all other clubs in the country.

For the 2013/2014 season we need to raise the bar in participation. We’re only as strong as our weakest link. When you see something that needs to be done, let’s not hesitate to lend a hand. The officers of MCC serve on a volunteer basis. As volunteers they your need assistance. This means all club members. Please don’t forget what we’re all about, Friends, Family, Fun and Crappie Fishing!!! ... BW

2nd Place
John Harrison & Kent Driscoll finished 2nd with 23.24#’s. John, where did you get that hat. If it works, I’ll have one at every tourney. Good Job guys...

3rd Place
3rd place was captured by Shelton Culpepper & David Thornton with 20.30#’s. The jig pole team did it again. Good job guys.

4th Place
Jimmy & Ricky Smith placed 4th with 20.28#’s. Congratulations guys, your streak continues.

5th Place
Steve Stevenson & Hugh Krutz finished 5th with 20.26#'s. These guys were last year's champions. Congratulations on a great job.

6th Place
Brad Taylor & Melody Taylor with 19.97#'s

7th Place
Charles Lindsay & Charles Lindsay, Jr., with 19.74#'s.

8th Place
Ginger & Greg Ladner with 19.57#'s.

9th Place
Kevin Horton & Chris Horton with 19.42#'s.

10th Place
Bernard Williams & Don Terry with 18.68#'s.

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MCC 2012 / 2013 - Enid Open Tournament - May 4 2013 - Water Valley, MS
Enid Open Winners - Reasons & Yount

Congratulations to Anthony Reasons & Braxton Younce, winners at the MCC Enid Open. Anthony & Braxton are no strangers to crappie fishing, they’ve always done good on the North MS Lakes. Good job guys, way to go...

    Enid fishes differently each time MCC holds a tournament. Last year we had to hide behind a tree to bait your hook. Everyone caught tons of fish. Although small they were plentiful. This year was a different story. With four days of continual rain that pushed the lake to 3 feet over the summer pool. I’ve personally never seen Enid that full. All this water in such a short period of time caused the fish to respond finicky, at least for me.    

We didn’t have a problem catching fish, just ones big enough to legally weigh-in. Along comes Anthony and Braxton in Bear Creek. They found their fish in places that were dry ground and grass just a few weeks ago. Anthony stated that they fished 5’ to 7’ water with weeds and grass and caught limits of fish. Each time the bait would bump the weeds the fish will bite. Just how they located these fish is amazing. Good job guys, good job.    

Second place was captured by none other than Ken Middleton and Larry Nipper. This was the same team that won our last tournament at Arkabutla. Seems they used the same technique, fishing the Coffee Bean Weeds. Now that they’ve proved this to be a viable technique during high-water situations, be sure that it will be used again. Ken said they found their fish by accident or luck. Not true, no one gets lucky two times. The first time maybe luck but after that its skillful experience.    

Third place was captured by the Nowell’s again. This husband-wife team is on a tear. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working. They’re in the top-5 in the last 4 or 5 tournaments, including a record setting win at Lake Washington. Both Mike and Paula are veteran experienced crappie fishers. They have the patience and the know-how. Thank You Mike & Paula for all your hard work at the weigh-ins and running the Splash-4-Cash. It’s y’all’s dedication to this fund-raiser that’s going to make our Championship Finals a big-money tournament. From me and all MCC Members, Thank You!!! … BW
2012 / 2013 Points Champions

Congratulations to Team Charles Lindsay & Charles Lindsay, Jr
2012 /2013 Points Champions

2012 /2013 Rookie of the Year Winner Team

Congratulations to Jerry Gross & William "Bill" Burnett
2012 /2013 Rookie of the Year Team

Splash 4 Cash Winner—Jimmy Smith

Congratulations to Veteran MCC Member Jimmy Smith for winning the $1,000 Academy Gift Card. You Smith Guys are the Luckiest Men I know. Let’s see, you won the $1,500 Big Mama Open, $500 B’n’M Bucks, now the $1,000 Gift Card. Living Right does pay great dividends. At least that’s what Ricky says. New Rule: No Smith can win any prize over $100 for the next year. All in favor say yeah, nobody opposes but the Smith Boys.

    Another tournament season is in the books, thank you Lord. We’ve fished 10 regular season tournaments and returned all safe and secure. What a blessing!! We had lots of challenges this year, new equipment (computerized score keeping, leader board, equipment trailer, scales) and a new president. Let me be the first to say, I had my doubts at first but like anything new, you have to make adjustments. Now after all the mishaps and missteps, it became smooth as silk. It’s hard to get two people to agree on most things, and we’ve had 79 teams join and fish with MCC this year. We don't always agree on many things, but we all agree that this was one heck of a season.    

I would like to thank a few people for their participation in the MCC functions this year: Ken & Larry, Terry & Tonya, Mike & Paula, Ray & Dawn, Roger & Katie and many others. Y’all jumped in and did what was needed at the registrations, weigh-ins, and cook outs. Great times with great people. Now don't get mad if I didn’t mention you name, your help was greatly appreciated.     

Our championship is upon us, looks like we have 38 teams to qualify. We’ll be fishing Big Bad Barnett for two days, May 31 & June 1. Yes it will be H-O-T, the fishing should be H-O-T too. I’ve seen better catches come out of Barnett this year than we had in a long time. Let’s hope y’all put back some of those 2 and 3 pounders caught during the spawn, you gonna need them.    

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of you for bearing with me as I progressed in writing your newsletter, yes, it’s your newsletter not mine, it’s been fun and I thank you for all the wonderful comments. I consider all MCC members and their families as part of my family, so it was my pleasure to sit down for a few minutes and write about our tournaments. If I offended anyone, please forgive me, it was not my intentions. It’s election time and who knows what the future holds, I’m coming off the Board of Directors this year and it’s been a pleasure to serve each of you. It’s time for new blood and I think other members need to STEP-UP and MAN-UP ... BW

2nd Place
Ken Middleton & Larry Nipper finished 2nd with 9.27#’s. Fishing the coffee beans did it again for Ken & Larry. Good Job guys...

3rd Place
Paula & Mike Nowell captured 3rd with 9.20#’s. Crank baits do catch fish. Y’all proved it again.

4th Place
4th place was captured by the Joey Saxton & Lance Evans with 9.07#’s. I don’t believe y’all caught your fish on Night Crawlers.

5th Place
Rabbit Rogers & Pat Jeffcoats finished 5th with 9.01#’s. It’s no stopping the Rabbit Express. Congratulations on a great job.
Big Fish Winners

1st Big Fish
Anthony Reasons & Braxton Yount - 1.97#'s

2nd Big Fish
Brian Fletcher & Kevin Stockbridge - 1.87#'s

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MCC 2012 / 2013 - Arkabutla Tournament - April 13, 2013 - Hernando, MS
Arkabutla Winners - Middleton & Nipper

Ken Middleton & Larry Nipper captured 1st Place at Arkabutla with 8.42#’s. This team caught 5 keepers to out produce all other 29 teams on a tough, tough fishing day. Good job guys, and thanks for all you do for MCC.

    Arkabutla was one of the toughest tournaments I’ve ever fished. North MS got pounded with nearly 4” of rain on Wednesday & Thursday. This caused the lake to rise nearly 12’ in 2 days. If you’re familiar with crappie fishing, you know that that’s not good for fishing. Not only will it scatter the fish, it makes a lake like Arkabutla nearly triple in size. Not only does the fisherman loose contact with the fish, I think the fish don’t know where they are. This rain pushed the lake to over 14’ above winter pool. Some of the locals say they didn’t see it get this high all summer of last year.

     Sometimes bad luck has to stop. Ken & Larry had major trailer problems pre-fishing on Friday. Bearings and hub froze up the trailer on the Tuna Boat. No big deal to these veteran farmers and fishermen. Seems they do this all the time. No big deal when you have all the tools and the know-how. They made the switch and in a few hours they were back to fishing.

     Some guys just know how to turn bad luck into good luck. Seems they saw another MCC fisherman come in with several good fish and in the conversation he stated that the fish were in the back of the creeks. Ok, that’s good news. Ken & Larry took this information and used it to the fullest on T-Day.

     Ken’s boat wasn’t designed for maneuvering in shallow water, at least not that shallow. Ken & Larry fish out of a 24’ Ranger Bay Boat. We call it the Tuna Boat. So, they changed their plan and fished the weed beds. Seems there were females staging in that area while the other fishermen were fishing the banks.

     All I can say is congratulations guys, you deserve the win. I don’t think any one else in the club does as much leg-work as you guys. I say thank you from all the MCC Family. Your leadership and participation has moved MCC to a new level, a professional level. MCC is now about conserving and protecting the crappie species BW
Welcome Back Warren ………...

MCC would like to welcome Warren Cotton back to the club. Warren & I fished Arkabutla to no avail, but we had a great time. Congratulation on winning the Crappie Masters MS State Championship at Grenada.. Great Job my Friend...

    My partner Don Terry, had another engagement for the Arkabutla Tournament so I asked Big Bite Baits Pro-Staffer Warren Cotton to join me as a guest partner. It turned out fantastic. This guy is a superb crappie fishermen. I learned a lot about slow-trolling. I told Don that we needed to contact Warren and see what he was doing that we weren’t. Don stated “Winning”. I see now what it takes to win a tournament. You got to study, spend time on the water, and pay close attention to the details.

     Warren is one of those guys that makes sure everything between him and the fish are in perfect order. From the bait to the hook, to the line, to the rod, to the reel etc.. He explained the factors that get you beat. It only takes one mistake to make you the 1st looser, or 2nd place. He also stressed that in order to be a good winner, you got to be a good looser. You got to take winning and loosing with the right attitude and attitude is what separates the winners from losers. Warren, MCC wants you back. You Hear? Whatever was said or done, let’s put it in the P-A-S-T.

     Now to the MCC’ers that came to Arkabutla, pre-fished and left, Shame On You!! You know who you are, I ain’t gotta call any names. Competition fishing is about taking on the conditions of the lake and conquering the situation. Everybody has the same opportunity. I realized Friday it was going to be tough from pre-fishing.

     If John Harrison fished 3 days and only caught one fish, then it’s going to be rough. But John fished the tournament “He didn’t wimp out” like some people. I say well done to the other 19 teams that finished in 11th place. That’s right, we only paid 10 places, only 10 teams caught a fish. It’s the first time that I can remember that we had 29 teams enter a tournament and only caught 25 total fish. If you caught a legal fish you got a check. It was about being in the right spot at the right time, guess all tournaments are that way….. BW

2nd Place
Sammy Hughes & Richard Lack finished 2nd with 7.23#’s. Congratulations to Sammy and Richard. You’re tough fishermen.

3rd Place
Roy Norwood finished 3rd with 6.89#’s. Congratulations Roy, you showed a jig pole pays off at certain times. Good Job.

4th Place
4th place was captured by the Horton Brothers, Chris and Kevin with 3.88#’s. You guys are really making good use of that new boat.

5th Place
Paula & Michael Nowell finished 5th with 3.16#’s. You guys stay in the top 5. Congratulations on a great job.
Big Fish Winners

1st Big Fish
Chris Horton & Kevin Horton - 2.55#'s

2nd Big Fish
A. E. Smith & Larry Butler - 2.27#'s

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MCC 2012 / 2013 - Grenada Tournament - March 23, 2013 - Grenada, MS
Grenada II - Blount & Sullivan Continues ... - 16.44#'s

Keith Sullivan & Monty Blount takes Grenada II with a strong finish of 16.44#’s. They also finished 3rd in the Big Mama Open with a 3.03# Grenada Slab. Grenada’s been good for this team, with consistent finishes in the top 5.

    Monty & Keith are true die-hards, they practice hard and fish hard. I watched them pre-fish Friday in cold, rainy, windy weather. Nothing seemed to slow this veteran team. They were checking shallow and deep water with pin-point accuracy. Never stopping more than a few moments in one spot, this is what it takes to win and winning is what this pair has done more than once.

     I talked to Keith at the South Graysport Landing Friday, Keith stated that we must be crazy to come out in 15-20mph wind and rain and pre-fish for a crappie tournament. Matter of fact he stated his wife also agreed that he need to be checked in for mental evaluation.

     Terry Stewart, the MCC Tournament Director, tried to interview Monty and Keith at the weigh-in and all he could get were general vague answers. Hey guys you won, we don't have another tournament on Grenada until the fall. Give us a clue, I promise you we will not remember anything by then. When Terry asked Monty how deep the water was, Monty replied, “I don't have a depth-finder”. He asked where were you fishing, Monty replied, “South of the Graysport Bridge”, ok that narrows it down to about one-half the lake. Oh well, at least he told the truth. He was fishing south of the bridge and the water was so shallow you didn't need a depth-finder.

     Monty and Keith proved something I figured out some time ago, you don't need a big fancy boat fully-rigged with all the latest electronic gadgets, dozens of poles for every crappie fishing technique in existence. All you need is two dedicated, persistent, experienced fisherman, determined not to give in to the elements to win crappie tournaments.

     I say congratulations my friends, you deserve the win. You put your time in and you reaped your rewards. My dad often reminded me that the only place Success comes before Work is in the dictionary. You proved his point today on Grenada. Keep it up guys, MCC is loaded with talent. Day in, day out, these guys continue to prove they are true to the sport of Crappie Fishing. Enough said. BW
MCC 2012 / 2013 - Big Mama Open - March 23, 2013 - Grenada, MS
BMO IV - The Smith Boys are on a ROLL ... - 3.19#'s

Ricky & Jimmy Smith took the top prize for BMO IV with a 3.19# Grenada Slab. They also had the Big Fish for MCC Club Tournament. Congratulation guys, this makes two consecutive tournaments they’ve landed a 3# fish. Keep it up guys.

    Our 4th Big Mama Open was deemed to be the biggest in club history, however with the threat of severe thunderstorms many would-be entries backed out. However the Lord shined on us and allowed us to have success despite the weather predictions. I think the Friday night prayer by Mr. A.E. Smith was heard upstairs. Mr. Smith told me before the pre-tournament meeting that sometime you have to have “Prayer-Meeting on the Water”, guess he was right.

     I pre-fished with Ricky and Jimmy all day Friday around the Graysport Bridge. I watch them pull one after another slab from the ditch by the bridge. When I interviewed Jimmy after the weigh-in, he stated he caught the winning fish in the same spot I fished most of Friday. I kind of believe Jimmy, he’s always been a straight shooter, no sand-bagging from him.

     Terry interviewed Ricky and asked where and how did they catch that 3.19# fish. Ricky’s answer was “I told Jimmy when I put that 4” minnow on the hook, we ain't gonna have to measure the fish that hits this one. Its gonna win the whole thing”. Well Ricky, guess you hit the nail on the head. It did win the whole thing.

     MCC would like to thank all 42 teams that participated in the BMO. This is our championship fundraiser, and to the MCC members that didn’t fish the BMO, “Shame On You”. We shouldn't have to make it mandatory that you fish our championship fundraiser to fish the state championship, you should do it because it’s the right thing to do... All the money raised in the BMO is paid back during the championship. It’s not right for you to expect someone else to fund your championship. It just don't make sense. And that my friend is the Bottom Line. Oh well what can I say, boys will be boys, and men will be men. BW

2nd Place
Johnny Walker & Austin Byrd finished 2nd with 15.86#’s. Tried to interview Austin, said “I ain’t telling you nothing”.

3rd Place
Paula & Michael Nowell finished 3rd with 15.49#’s. Wow, a 1st and a 3rd in two tourneys. Not bad my friends, not bad.

4th Place
4th place was captured by Jerry (MeatGetter Jigs) Gross & Bill Barnett with 15.40#s. Hey Jerry, where’s my jigs. Them jigs work.

5th Place
Robbie Niven & Uncle Si finished 5th with 15.34#’s. They also had a 3.12 Big Fish that didn’t qualify for the BMO. Sorry Guys.
Big Fish Winners

1st Big Fish & BMO Winners
Ricky Smith & Jimmy Smith - 3.19#’s
BMO WINNNERS - $1,500 + $500 B'n'M Bucks

2nd Big Fish & BMO 2nd Place
Charles Lindsey, Sr. & Graham Taylor - 3.13#'s
BMO 2nd Place - $500 - Largest Male Crappie Record

3rd Big Fish - BMO
Kieth Sullivan & Monty Blount - 3.03#'s
BMO 3nd Place - $400

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MCC 2012 / 2013 - Washington Tournament - March 2, 2013 - Glenn Allen, MS
Washington - Mr. & Mrs. Nowell Takes It All - 17.23#'s

Paula & Michael Nowell not only won the Washington Tournament - 17.23#’s, they had Big-Fish - 3.49#’s, a New Club Record and 3 fish over 3#’s (3.49#, 3.14#, 3.01#). That’s incredible, considering the weather conditions 27° with a NW wind at 20 to 27 mph. Chill factor around 0° sitting still. That is C-O-L-D.

    Persistence pays off, that’s all I can say about the Lake Washington tournament. Y’all know Michael and Paula Nowell, from Meridian, MS. They’re always there, every tourney. It finally came to fruition for this lovely couple. We always knew they loved to fish and they proved it at Lake Washington. On a day when most members struggled to catch 7 fish, this team culled more fish than the average team caught.

    According to Mike & Paula, everything they caught was over 2#. They could have weighed at least 14 more pounds with the culls. Now that’s awesome. All I can say is “Y’all should have saved some for Grenada”, maybe not, at the rate y’all are going Grenada will take care of itself. No need to take sand to the beach.

    Let me tell you a little about the Nowell’s. They’re almost newlyweds, been married about 2 years. They celebrated their honeymoon crappie fishing at Arkabutla a couple of summers ago. That should tell you something about the Nowell’s, they love crappie fishing. We’ve got some superb husband / wife teams, I don’t know any that would agree to spending their anniversary, birthday or any special event crappie fishing, certainly not the honeymoon. My wife would become my ex-wife for just suggesting something like that. Paula you are special, one-in-a-whole-lot. Mike you lucky dog.

    Ok for the secret, Mike says he used something called Crappie Critters with minnows, I think they call them Crappie Critters. So did other teams to no avail. Mike & Paula’s success came by the boat speed, .5mph and making erratic and quick left & right turns, i.e. they used my Wild-Cat Trolling Method. I told y’all it would work. They figured it out by accident.

Yes, those are R-E-A-L Tears. Paula, is that all I got to do to win a tournament?

    Last but not least, I say congratulations to the Nowell’s. I can’t think of a more deserving team. They do anything asked of them. Never complain, they just do it. Yes we have a great club, and it’s because of people like Mike & Paula. If you carry yourself in the right way, you don’t have to tell people what your beliefs are, they can see them in you before you get to them. You can’t buy good character, you have to develop it in time. The Nowell’s are people of character.

    On another note, Don & I were getting ready to leave Saturday morning when his 5-year-old son, Adonis got sick. I mean very sick. Stomach cramps that wouldn't stop. Don & Elizabeth rushed him to the emergency room. The checked his appendix and for the flu. The doctor suggested they watch him for 24 hours. He’s a lot better now. Don suggested I fish alone, just couldn't do it. Our family’s health is way more important that fishing. Sometimes we’ve gotta put first things first.

    I did make the weigh-in, drove 100 miles just to take pictures and see the excitement. My wife says I’m crazy, that’s true. I just love the sport. I’m glad I didn't miss the excitement. I didn't miss freezing, got plenty of that on Friday pre-fishing.

    I’ve got to say something about MCC. We’ve now moved to the next level, Conservation. Did y’all see the fish tank Ken & Larry arranged? That’s what I’m talking about. We’ve finally realized that the big females need to be released in order to keep the 3# genes. We were able to save 95% of the weigh-in fish. Thank you Ken, Larry & MCC. It makes no sense to keep the big sows unless you plan to have them mounted. The 12” to 14” crappie make better filets anyway. It was amazing, no one complained at all about returning their fish to the lake. Our plan is to continue our catch-and-release on all our tournaments.

    At one time I thought big crappie would replenish themselves, however after seeing great lakes like Barnett slow down in producing big crappie, I’ve changed my attitude. I can now put these big mommas back and feel good about it. I want to leave big crappie for the younger generation to enjoy just like my dad did for me. BW

2nd Place
Pat Jeffcoats & Rabbit Rogers finished 2nd with 15.45#s.

3rd Place
Jimmy & Ricky Smith finished with 15.44#’s.

4th Place
Carl Mangum & Brad Taylor - 14.69#’s.

5th Place
Patrick Stone & Brandon Fulgham - 14.35#’s.
Big Fish Winners

1st Big Fish
Paula & Michael Nowell - 3.49#’s - NEW CLUB RECORD

2nd Big Fish
TJimmy & Ricky - 3.33#'s

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