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Wednesday's Child

By Maggie Wade

MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Fishing is a favorite sport for three brothers who are featured this week on Wednesday's Child.

Alfonzo is 14-years-old, Jaqurius is 12 and Deandre is 7.

They are hoping a forever family will take the bait and reel them into a permanent home.

The Magnolia Crappie Club sponsored this fishing trip for Alfonzo, Jaqurius and Deandre.

Officers with the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks also helped out making sure the boys knew the rules of the water and how to bait a hook.

Alfonzo and Jaqurius have been fishing before but it was the first time for Deandre.

"I like to fish and play football. And eat an be strong and healthy," said Deandre.

Jaquirus said, "You can trust me. You like to play football? You can trust you? okay I was trying to help you with the bugs. What else? You can trust you, what else? That's it."

Alfonzo said, "I like to play football, and watch tv, and play video games. And fish. And fish."

Alfonzo is the quiet, but strong member of this sibling group. He is 8th grade and says he tries to keep an eye on his little brothers.

"What do you guys like to do when you're together? Anything. We like to fish. You like to fish. What else do you like to do with your brothers? We like to play football. Play football."

Jaqurius is very family oriented. He enjoys spending time with his brothers. Jaquirus is 5th grade and his big goal for the day was to catch more fish than his brothers.

"How many did you catch this time? Nine. Nine, that is awesome. And I'm about to go and catch some more."

Deandre can be timid and usually likes to keep to himself. He came out of his shell and you would never know he is sometimes shy.

"Do you try to do everything your big brothers do?" Nods no. "No? Quit telling a story boy. The only thing I try to do is fish."

The boys want to be adopted together, they also are very specific about the kind of family they want.

"The most important thing is what? Being with your brothers right? And if you could pick. And being with a family who loves me," added Jaqurius.


These three boys were adopted a few weeks later. They are reported to be doing just fine and enjoying their new family. Many thanks to the members of the Magnolia Crappie Club for their volunteer service in seing this accomplished.