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Page 1  MCC NEWSLETTER                                                                                2013-14 Issue 8 April 12, 2014


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        MCC - Barnett Tournament - 12” of Rain - Don’t Stop These Guys!!!

Charles Jr., Taylor & Charles Lindsay, Sr. - Tournament Winners                         Good to See You Ms. Jane Rogers

Barnett Winners Charles Lindsay, Jr. & Grandson Taylor Martin, &                        Welcome back, Charter Member Mrs. Jane Rogers. It was truly a
Charles Lindsay, Sr. with a 7-fish limit weighing 14.79#’s. They had a                  blessing to see Ms Jane back at the weigh-in on Saturday. Thank
2.74# big fish. I hear Taylor caught the big fish, AGAIN!!!                             You for your many years of service. You’ll always be one of us!!!

    It’s something about the Barnett Reservoir that fires up the Lindsay's. I saw the        I got a chance to say hello to Ms Jane Rogers on Saturday. She had heart
old man (Charles Sr.) on Friday; all he could talk about was beating Rabbit Rogers.     problems after one of our Barnett tournaments last year, spent a few days in the
He seemed obsessed with not just doing well, but winning the Barnett Tournament.        hospital. I try to stay in touch with her through Rabbit her husband. Ms Jane
Well, guess he got his wish. These guys had a secret weapon, Taylor Martin. Tay-        taught school over 30 years. She taught some of the people I grew up with. She
lor is Charles’s grandson. He’s fished with them before.                                tells me all the time to call her “Jane”. I just can’t, I still add a handle to all of my
                                                                                        teachers’ names. It’s the way I was raised. You’ll always be Ms Jane in my book.
   Taylor’s mother, Dustie, partnered with Charles Sr. for a few years until Taylor     It’s true that opposites attract, she’s sweet as can be while Rabbit is…...
and his sister Kathryn came along; all that was over once Dustie got some
young'uns. When Taylor was old enough to walk, grandpa began teaching him the              At one time when Rabbit and Jane were fishing a tournament, most MCC
art of crappie fishing. It seems he took to fishing like a duck to water. Wish I had    teams fished for 2nd place. It was almost automatic, we knew they were going to
him as my partner. Taylor is not a big talker, just a good fisherman.                   win. Some of the rules we have on the books today are a direct result of Team
                                                                                        Rogers. We added the 6-pole rule to compete with them, the pay-out schedule,
   Finishing 2nd was Keith Sullivan and Monty Blount with 13.51#’s. This                and the points payback all because of Rabbit and Jane.
team is no stranger to the winners circle, they’ve won Barnett several times.
Keith says they caught their fish in Oil Well Woods. I fished within eyesight of           We have an update on Paul Johnson’s Race-Within-A-Race, or whatever he
Oil Well; I could see that they had plenty of company. It must have been 20             calls it. He stated earlier that he’s beaten Team Charles Lindsay and Team Tom-
boats or more in that area before the wind started to rise. It’s just my luck to        my Moss & Brad Calhoun 4 out of 7 times this year, well it’s tied now, 4 out of 8.
pass by the best spots, again.                                                          Also as I look at the Point Race I see Team Lindsay in 13th place and Team
                                                                                        Moss & Calhoun at 17th. I had to go to page two to find Johnson & Woodis at
   Third place was captured by the father-son team of Sid and Scott Steen               28th. Gill, this has nothing to do with you, just your mouth-ee partner Paul. I knew
with 13.44#’s. I asked Scott if they pulled crank-baits. “No Way, minnows               when he wrote that article he was opening a can of worms and putting the jinx on
were the ticket.” Sid & Scott are great guys, and excellent crappie fishermen. I        him and Gil. Tommy and Charles, if I were you I would keep a copy of the points
just thought Sid could only pull crank-baits, boy was I wrong.                          page with you at all times, when you see Paul just point to it.

  Fourth place was captured by Shelton Culpepper and David Thornton with                   Well, we’re almost finished the 2013/2014 season. It’s true time flies when
12.95#’s. These guys hail from Eagle Lake, they’re retired now and fishing is           you’re having fun; and boy did we have some fun. We’re going to Enid next;
their full-time job. I’m serious, they fish 6 days a week if the weather permits.       should be some good fishing come May 3rd. I’ve seen times at Enid where you
They’re long-time MCC members, and dedicated crappie fishermen.                         had to hide behind a tree to bait your hook; the fish were biting so good. All those
                                                                                        11” to 12” fish should be legal now. Not going to have the World’s Largest Crap-
   Rounding out the top 5 was the North Mississippi Rookie Team of Jeremy               pie Festival this year, really don’t know what happened. We’ll weigh-in at the
Aldridge & Clint Egbert with 12.37#’s. If you’ve been following our newsletter,         Water Valley Landing and then head home; gonna miss that, it was a ton of fun.
you’ll notice that these guys are having a phenomenal year. On top of winning
two MCC tournaments this year, they consistently finish in the top 10. I also              Just a reminder for all teams that plan to fish he Championship at Sardis/Enid.
would like to congratulate Jeremy for finishing 3rd in the Crappie Masters              You need to have your Splash-4-Cash money turned in before the weigh-in is
Mississippi State Championship at Grenada a few weeks ago with a 2-day                  over. If you plan on Back Paying for any missed tournaments, you need to do this
total of 37.81#’s.                                                                      before the weigh-in is over. Please don’t miss our Championship, we’re fishing for
                                                                                        $20,000 this year, that’s $10,000 each day spread over two days, paying 20
   Barnett was on fire a few weeks ago, almost everyone was catching big                places each day. That’s not bad for a little ole crappie club down in Mississippi.
fish. Then a storm come thru and dumped up to 12” of rain and man did                   Looks like I may get some of my money back, maybe!! Bernard
things change in a hurry. When the PRV opened all the spillway gates for 6
days it put the fish in reverse. It was difficult to just catch a fish for a few days,
let alone catch a two pound average like most of these guys. As I say all the
time. MCC guys and gals can catch them on days when they’re not biting.
Now that’s absolutely true. Bernard
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