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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                         All Crappie Fishermen - Equipment Alert - By Bernard Williams

                 I’ve been having trouble with my Terro-       Jake Taylor advised that one of his buddies
          va getting weak after a few hours of trolling,       had issues with line wrapped around the prop.
          my thinking was the motor was about 6  or 7          Surely that couldn’t be the problem. Well what
          years old and maybe the brushes were getting         the heck, I removed the prop and low and
          old and worn out. I called my                                          behold, there was enough line
          repair man and asked a few                                             around the shaft to fill a reel.
          questions, he said that when                                               So, here’s a friendly warn-
          he replaced the shaft and                                              ing to all fishermen, pull your
          bottom casing he replaced                                              prop off and check for line
          the old brushes and the ar-
          mature was in great shape.                                             every so often. Some lazy fish-
                                                                                 ermen discard their line in the
                 When I finish fishing                                           lake when they get rid of it.
          I would check my batteries
          and they would show around                                                 I also replaced the seal
          80% or better, so batteries                                            around the shaft just in case it
          were not the issue. I then                                             was worn. Thank God it wasn’t
          check the cables from the                                              braided, that would’ve been
          batteries to the front for continuity, no voltage    big-time problems. It took about 2 minutes to
          drop. What a puzzle.                                 remove the nut and pull the prop, time well
                 To make a long story short, my partner,       spent. It’s working like a new trolling motor
                                                               now.  Bernard

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