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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                                  Magnolia Crappie Club - The Best of the Best

                We did it again, 50+ teams in our reg-          ally start planning our next event as we’re
           ular tournament on the 1st day of Primitive          leaving our last event. It’s never-ending and
           Weapons Deer Season. We’ve got some                  it takes “All Hands and the Cook” to make
           crappie fishing lovers in this club. I was a         them happen. What’s so good is we all love
           little worried about keep-                                                 what we’re doing. I can
           ing our participation level                                                attest to the fact that I’ve
           up during November,                                                        never worked this hard
           nothing to worry about                                                     for free, I do it because
           anymore.                                                                   I love this club, and it’s
                MCC members know                                                      members and I love what
           what they love doing,                                                      I do.
           that’s crappie fishing,                                                         Our next tournament
           especially on Barnett. I                                                   is at Lake Washington.
           tell people that before                                                    December 9th we’ll in-
           the MDWFP instituted                                                       vade Glen Allen for some
           the minimum fish limits                                                    Delta Oxbow Crappie
           on the COE Lakes, Bar-                                                     Winter-Time Fishing.
           nett was the top lake in                                                   Don’t ask me how, but
           Mississippi.                                         for some unknown reason, Washington
                It’s still a well-kept secret, the proof is     seems to rebound quickly after getting ham-
           in our results. There’s not much difference          mered all year long. While it is true that the
           in the top weights at Barnett and Grena-             Lake is not what it was at one point, but it
           da. Heck, both winners weighed above 13              always produces good stringers. All the re-
           pounds. More teams weighed 7 fish as Bar-            ports I hear are good, lots of fat and healthy
           nett than did at Grenada.                            fish.
                                                                     December on Lake Washington can be
                My hats off to the wonderful people at          awesome. The fish is what I call Pre-Pre-
           the Ridgeland Tourism Commission. With               Spawn. In other words, they’ll be fat, hungry
           their help, we were able to pull off one of          and heavy. Get ready for some big weights.
           the best and most prosperous Regular Sea-                 Special Note - We’ve decided to com-
           son Tournament and Big Mama Tournament               bine printed magazines for the Washington
           ever on Barnett.                                     / Okatibbee into 1 magazine, also Wolf /
                Everyone seemed to enjoy the festive            Eagle Lake into 1 magazine. Our reasoning
           atmosphere at the weigh-in, the weather              is, we don’t have enough time between the
           was excellent for the entire day. The venue          tournaments and the costs per issue have
           was gorgeous, plenty places to park, sit and         increased. We’re now using social media to
           relax. We’re getting better organized and            spread our message and promote our spon-
           effecient when it comes to setting up and            sors. We can reach more people with social
           getting started. I keep forgetting that we’re        media and get our message out quicker.
           all volunteer and we fish our tournaments.                  See you on the Lake, December 9th.
                I would like to thank Roger, Paula, Katie,
           Terry, Samatha, Richard, Scott and Adam              Be Safe & Have a Blessed Day,
           for their efforts an dedication. It takes a lot      Bernard Williams, Vice-President & Editor
           of hands to pull off these events. We actu-

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