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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                              From The Presidents Desk - Roger Womack

                  The Rez                                        the line narrowed down, here comes Eddie
                  What a tournament on Barnett Satur-            Truhitt and Jacob Wiggs dropping a huge
             day morning. 51 teams had signed up for             crappie on the scales, everybody started
             the Barnett Fall Tournament and the Fall            watching when the scales locked in guess
             Big Mama Open Tournament. The wind                  what 2.33lbs. Unbelievable, this was a
             finally laid down around 9 Saturday morn-           shoot-out for the Big Mama prize.
             ing, thank good-                                                                 Congratulations
             ness. As the teams                                                          to Ray and Dawn Wil-
             came rolling into                                                           liams on the Regular
             Madison landing,                                                            Tournament win.
             some teams had                                                              Congratulations goes
             big smiles. If you                                                          out to two teams in
             fish the Magnolia                                                           the Big Mama Open
             Crappie Club, you                                                           Ronald and David
             are fishing against                                                         Wade along with  Ed-
             some of the best                                                            die Truhitt and Jacob
             crappie fishermen                                                           Wiggs that finished
             in the country.                                                             tied for 1st place.
                  They are tru-                                                               Thanks to every-
             ly dedicated to                                                             one that helped with
             the sport. As the                                                           the weigh-in. We
             weigh-in got kicked                                                         really appreciate your
             off, Ray and Dawn                                                           efforts. The more
             Williams set the                                                            help we have the
             goal with 13.19 lbs.                                                        quicker we can get
             plus the Big Mama                                                           setup and finised.
             at 2.22 lbs. Ronald and David Wade came                  Next up Lake Washington Dec. 9th,
             to the scales with a Big Magnolia Crappie           come join the fun and fellowship and catch
             (hybrid) weighing 2.33lbs. The Wade’s set           some crappie, see y’all at the glass house.
             a new goal for the Big Mama, with $1500
             dollars riding on first place for the Big Mama      Rod Womack
             and $300 for the Tournament Big Fish. As            Roger

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