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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                               The Tournament Director -  Adam Calcote

                 The Rez was good to some of us, not so        good as expected on their favorite and home lake.
          good to others. It’s called fishing not catching.         Get ready for some high-powered winter-time
          We’ve all have seen the re-                                                 fishing on Lake Washington.
          sults, huge sacks of giant crap-                                            The action can be non-stop
          pie. It’s no secret that Barnett                                            and fast and furious. It also
          is loaded with big crappie,                                                 can be slow and none, just
          finding them and catching                                                   depends on what mood the
          them are two different things.                                              fish are in. Either way, we’re
          It was not an issue to catch                                                going to do our best to show
          7 fish, catching 7 big fish was                                             up and show out. We should
          a major issue. All I can say is                                             see some new teams, be
          we had excellent weather on a                                               sure to welcome them to the
          beautiful fall day. 51 teams did                                            club.
          their very best to win the two
          tournaments.                                                                     We’ll have Friday Night
                                                                                      Registration at Farm-
               Congratulations to Ray and                                             ers Grocery & Restarant
          Dawn Williams on their 1st                                                  34178 MS-1, Rolling
          place finish in our Regular Season Tournament on     Fork, MS 39159 from 5:30 pm to 7pm and
          Barnett. Congratulations to Team Wade (David &       Saturday Morning at Roy’s Store from 5 am
          Ronald) and Team Truhitt / Wiggs (Eddie & Jacob)     to 5:45 am. Our Weigh-In will be at Roy’s
          for your 1st place tie. Terry, you and Cole did great,   Store starting at 3pm. We try to make it conve-
          proves practice does pay off. Rabbit and Pat did     nient for everyone, please be on time. Adam

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