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              The Bible says, “A prophet is never accept-        the ACT Tournament, and boy did he lay the
           ed in his own country”, I agree with it in total-     wood to us. Congratulations my friend, you
           ity. I could even go as far to say, “Some fish-       and Pat are the type of crappie fishermen I
           ermen have a hard time                                                     wish to become.
           winning on their home                                                        Talking with the Big
           lake”. I fished Barnett                                                    Mama Open Winner, Brad
           nearly 2 weeks straight                                                    Chappell, he says, “We
           leading up to our tourna-                                                  caught our fish long-lining
           ment. I knew where the                                                     Bobby Garland Stroll-R’s
           fish were and what they                                                    just off the Pearl River
           wanted all week long. For                                                  Channel. The fish were
           some unknown and unex-                                                     holding tight to stumps.
           plained reason, I decided                                                  We used double 1/8-ounce
           to fish a community hole                                                   Roadrunners all day. We
           with nearly 40 boats. Big                                                  fished the Rose’s Bluff area
           mistake, thinking back,                                                    of the lake. I was praying
           can you imagine what                                                       for a west or southwest
           it sounded like under-                                                     wind and that’s what we
           water around this area.                                                    had for the majority of the
           If it were big fish in the                                                 day. I found those fish ear-
           area they would need ear                                                   lier in the week but I wor-
           plugs to stay in that spot.                                                ried about being crowed
           All week long I caught 13+ pounds and one             out. Looks like everyone went to the Sawdust
           day nearly 15 pounds. It just doesn’t count           Pile, thank God.
           until tournament day.                                    It’s on the Enid, high water has made fish-
              I say congratulations to all my friends that       ing the COE lakes a challenge this spring. Let’s
           finished in places 1 thru 23. I deserve just          hope things are getting back close to normal.
           what I got, nothing. The worst thing that can         Enid always produces big numbers after the
           happen to tournament fishermen is to have             spawn, this year should be no different. We
           too many places to catch fish and then start          don’t always see big fish but big numbers are
           second guessing themselves. I knew better,            very common.
           but I feel victim to the fishing behind the              Our MCC Classic Championship is around
           fish syndrome. I’ve been beating myself up            the corner, it’s lining up to be a great one.
           for nearly a week behind this but it’s time to        Two lakes, two days, no advantages there. It’s
           move on, forgive and forget. It’s over on to          going to make practice a necessity. I’ll take
           Enid.                                                 twice as much time on the water to get these
              According to Rabbit, “We fished a total of         COE fish figured out.
           7 spots, we found our quality fish on the 6th            You have until the end of the Enid Tourna-
           spot. We fished cypress stumps in 5 to 7 feet         ment to select your Championship Partner. Be
           of water. We used single BGJP 12’ poles to            sure to tell Paula who that person is. Be sure
           catch all our fish. Several spots were in rough       and familiarize yourselves with the club rules.
           water making Pat fish out of the back. Our            It’s your responsibility to read and understand
           prime jig was a Black and Chartreuse tube             them.
           and a 1/8-ounce jig head. The spawn is prime             See you at Enid, get ready for some fish
           on Barnett. Catching big number is not a              catching fun. Bernard
           problem.” Rabbit had to redeem himself from
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