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Page 1  MCC NEWSLETTER                                                                       2013-14 Issue 10 May 31, 2014


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   MCC Club Championship - Sardis & Enid - Boat Loads of Crappie!!!

Sardis Winners - Matt Collier & Chaney Starnes - 11.37#’s Enid Winners - John Harrison & Kent Driscoll - 12.71#’s

Matt Collier & Chaney Starnes won Day 1 of the MCC Club Champion-              We knew it wouldn’t be long before team Harrison & Driscoll would
                                                                               break out and win one. We had no idea it would be the Club Cham-
ship at Sardis with 11.37#’s. Guess the old saying; “You Can’t Win On          pionship. This makes at 2 in the last 4 years. Awesome!!!!

Your Home Lake”, just didn’t hold true. Good Job Guys….                           John Harrison & Kent Driscoll blew everyone away with 12.71#’s to win
                                                                               their 1st tournament of the 2013—2014 season. We were sadden to hear
   Matt & Chaney call Sardis their home lake, well guess they could call       that Kent’s grandmother-in-law passed away on Tuesday and had to
Sardis, Enid, and Arkabutla home lakes also. They’re from Southaven,           attend to family matters; our condolences go out to Kent, Barbara &
MS; just a rock throw out of Memphis. They’ve fished MCC tournaments           Mary-Kent.
for several years now; turned out to be some outstanding crappie fisher-
men. Almost a year ago, Chaney purchased a new fishing boat; a 22’ War            John fished solo both days; Friday he could only use 3 poles; Sardis
-Eagle center console with a 4-stroke Yamaha. Man, that thang is awe-          Lake rules; Saturday he could use 5 poles. It really didn’t matter. John
some. It’s paying off now. Matt & Chaney were good before they joined          could catch a boat load of crappie with a bean stick. Great fishermen get
MCC; they’ve gotten even better, guess it don’t hurt to live near the best     their skills by spending time on the water; it’s hard to tell how many days
crappie lakes in the country.                                                  John fishes; it’s probably easier to count the days he don’t fish.

   David McWilliams & Robbie Niven finished 2nd on day one with                   Chris & Kevin Horton weighed 11.16#’s to finish a strong 2nd. These
10.94#’s. These guys caught their best fish long-lining in the marina.         guys know Enid; they’ve fished the lake all year. I commend them for
Robbie & David are good fishermen. They’ve added new techniques to             their slow-trolling and jig fishing skills. Good job my friends.
their arsenal; long-lining and crank-baits.
                                                                                  Hugh Krutz & Steve Stevenson finished 3rd with 10.52#’s. These guys
   We had a new team finish in 3rd, just kidding; Rabbit Rogers & Pat          are world-class slow-trollers; they stayed with the technique that they
Jeffcoats weighed 10.50#’s. Talked to Rabbit afterwards to see where           have the most confidence with. You ask Hugh what’s the best bait for a
and how they caught their fish. Rabbit went ole school; jig & jig pole         crappie; he’ll instantly tell you it’s a minnow.
around the stumps near Holiday Lodge. Rabbit said they would put the jig
around a stick or tree and within a few seconds it felt like a stick of dyna-     Dee & Will Ferguson weighed 10.24#’s to finish 4th. Gotta give it to
mite went or in your hand, or like a runaway freight truck had the jig.        Dee, he and Will love crappie fishing. Did I mention Will is only 4 years
Wow, that seemed like lots of fun.                                             old. Will won the Youngest Club Member Award for 2014; congratulations
                                                                               young man; you’re a class act. I love fishing around Will; he’ll tell you
   Greg, Ginger & Collin Ladner weighed 10.41#’s to finish 4th. I watched      exactly what bait his dad’s using’; all the way down to the distance and
them long-lining around Clear Creek all day; catching fish after fish. I       color. Way to go Will; we know pretty soon all that will change.
hate to admit it but we’ve trained this team to long-line a little too good.
They love this technique and use it every chance they get. I can’t believe        Don & I finished 5th with 10.22#’s. Got a funny story; as y’all know we
they drove over 400 miles to fish a crappie tournament. Hey Greg, y’all        all have black 6 gallon buckets; well I put my bucket down underneath
live on the coast, you need to go saltwater fishing and leave the crappie      the count station. Don moved my bucket over to the scorers table; Mike
fishing to us “po folks”.                                                      Nowell put his bucket near the count station; when my team was called I
                                                                               grabbed his bucket and weighed his fish; I know the fish looked smaller
   Rounding out the top 5 was David Thornton & Shelton Culpepper with          than the fish I had selected; when time to weigh Mike & Paula’s fish, all I
10.36#’s. Ole Shelton is got to be the sneakiest crappie fisherman I’ve        could hear is, “Bernard, you weighed my fish”; needless to say, I weighed
ever met. Seems they found the same fish Don & I did. We pulled into           my right bucket, end of story. I’ve decided to paint my bucket; Orange or
the back of Clear Creek and lo and behold, there they were. Didn’t matter      Yellow; something hi-vis, getting old and blind!!! Bernard...
too much, we were long-lining, they were slow-trolling. They caught a
few more specks than we did; and that made 2/10ths of a pound differ-
ence. Good job guys, we had fun in the championship and all season
long. This has been an awesome year. Thank you Lord!!! Bernard...
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