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                        Magnolia Crappie Club - Championship Tournament - Wow!!

            Well, my friends, we’ve completed another           then they won’t have money to spend on the
         season. It’s been a blast, but all good things         ther vices.
         must come to an end. I know of no other way               Trae McWilliams and Parker Eichwurtzle won
         to go out in style than to have as Club Cham-          the Kids Points race for fishing all 10 tourna-
         pionship where you fish for $50,500. That’s            ments. That’s great considing the weather we
         unheard of for a crap-                                                               fished. They stayed
         pie club down in Missis-                                                             on the water longer
         sippi. It ain’t may bass                                                             than I did in Janu-
         clubs that can boast                                                                 ary.
         of that kind of pay-                                                                   I’m not overloo-
         out. With Points Pay-                                                                ing the other kids,
         out, Big-Fish, Top-Ten                                                               they love our sport.
         Payouts, Kids Prizes,                                                                We’ll keep recog-
         our total payout was                                                                 nizing them as long
         around $64,000.                                                                      as they keep par-
            We had a celebrity                                                                ticipating.
         attend our weigh-ins,                                                                  We’ve got a
         Wally “Mr. Crappie”                                                                  new officer and
         Marshall. He gave away                                                               board member,
         Mr. Crappie products                                                                 Steven Turner as
         and he also added                                                                    Weigh-Master and
         $300 to the Champion-                                                                Scott Ryals as a
         ship Winners making                                                                  Board Member. We
         their total for the day                                                              welcome both to
         over $4,550. I remem-          Walley Marshall -”Mr. Crappie”                        the Board of Direc-
         ber a few years ago                                                                  tors.
         when we fished for                                                                     It’s a lot of un-
         $11,000 for two days and were happy. We’ve             paid work and a thankless position. I’ve found
         come a long way as a group and the future              out these past 9 seasons that you can’t satisfy
         look even brighter.                                    everyone, just have to treat everyone fairly
            Just like with any family, you’re gonna have        and stick to the rules. I commend our Board
         disagreements, we talk ours out and and we             of Directors for their dedication. Thanks, guys,
         move on. That’s what families are supposed to          and gals for a great season.
         do, kiss and make up.                                     Lastly, I would like to mention that we had
            The 2019 Season is setting up to be another         two charter members inducted into the MS
         awesome season. We need all the sponsor-               Outoors Hall of Fame, Rabbit, and Jane Rog-
         ship help we can get. We go a few rule ad-             ers. I’ll give more detail in a later article. This
         justments to make, nothing major, just some            couldn’t have been given to a more dedicated
         twiking. We plan to make registration easier           couple. They are part the reason we have the
         and our weigh-ins smoother. We’re gonna                Magnolia Crappie Club.
         need a few volunteers to help us from time                I thank you all for re-electing me as
         to time, don’t hesitate to step up and lend a          Vice-President for the 5th time in a row. I ap-
         helping hand. We appreciate each and every-            preciate the faith and confidence you have in
         one that lends a helping hand.                         my work. I will not disappoint you. I take this
            Our hats off to the MCC Kids, they are our          job seriously. Thanks for being patient with me
         future. If we hook them on crappie fishing             as I learned how to do my job. Bernard

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