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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                                        Rick & Shane Moody

                                  Day 1 - Winners - 11.26#’s

                                MCC Championship Tournament

                                     Day 1 - Enid Lake - June 8th, 2018
                 The 1st leg of the MCC Championship            channels. The bait of choice is what ever you
          began on Enid Lake, Friday, June 8th, 2018.           put in their face, be it crankbaits, jigs or min-
          Enid is loaded with fish, of the 42 teams that        nows. We caught fish pulling jigs from 1 mph to
          earned their way into the tournament, only 2          1.6 mph.
          teams that fished failed to weigh the 7 fish lim-            It’s not a problem to catch the 15 person
          it. With the fish coming off an excellent spawn,      limit, the problem is culling the shorter fish for
          it was great to see the fish in good shape. Our       the bigger ones. Be sure to measure your fish
          weights were about average for Enid, having           and only keep the ones that are over 12 inches.
          fished it as the last tournament of the season,       The wardens are strict so be careful.
          several fish were weighed in the 2 pound class.
                                                                       Jeremy and Clint had the Big Fish at
                 Congratulations to the Moody’s, a father       2.00#’s, with Terry and Cole Stewart coming in
          and son team the hails for Bernie, MO and Par-        2nd with a 1.98# slab.
          agould, AR. They weighed 11.26#’s to edge out                Vic Finkley & Kim Kennedy took the 3rd
          Jeremy Aldridge and Clint Egbert of Batesville,       place prize with 10.99#’s. Finkley & Kennedy
          MS with 11.06#’s. We weighed a total of 270
          fish that averaged 1.36#’s. The average team          won this tournament 3 weeks prior to end our
                                                                regular season. They’re always a strong team
          weigh was 8.51#’s.
                                                                to contend with.
                 Enid is loaded with fish, we caught 100’s             Thanks to The City of Batesville, MS for
          in the 10” to 11.75” range. Come November,            their support. It’s one down one to go, we’re
          those fish will be legal. The fish are officially on   headed to Grenada. Bernard
          the summer pattern, deep water flats and river

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