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                      Jeremy Aldridge & Clint Egbert

                            Day 2 - Winners - 14.35#’s

                               MCC Championship Tournament

                                 Day 2 - Grenada Lake - June 9th, 2018

               The final day of the MCC Championsip was        ster. No doubt this would have been a 3+ pound-
       held on the World Famous Grenada Lake. It’s a           er during the spawn. Saying these guys are
       lake that’s on every serious crappie fishermen’s        awesome is an under statement.
       bucket list. A lake that you must fish before you               Second place for the day went to Scott
       kick the bucket. It never disappoints us no matter      Ryals and Shane Johnson with 14.27#’s. Scott is
       what season we choose to fish it. Saturday was          from Pearl, MS and Shane lives in Madison, MS.
       no different.                                           Don’t let these guys fool you, they can fish. This
               Our hats off to Jeremy Aldridge and Clint       is their 2nd year fishing MCC and I must say,
       Egbert for bring a whopping 14.35#’s to the             “They’re Hooked”.
       scales. That’s right 14+ pounds of post-spawn                   Third place winners were Terry and Cole
       crappie is awesome. This was super special to           Stewart with 13.75#’s. Terry and Cole are a far-
       Jeremy, the prior week he and another partner           ther and son team from Clinton / Grenada, MS.
       had won the Fruit Jar Championship          The reason I say that is Terry has a home in Clin-
       on Arkabutla with 15+ pounds. Two champion-             ton and Grenada. These minnow fishermen are
       ships in two weeks. You go boy!                         tough to beat on any lake they choose to fish. Be
               The 246 fish brought to the scales              it Grenada Lake, Kentucky Lake or Barnett.
       weighed over 410 pounds. That’s a huge weight                   This was one of the best championships
       during the spawn, but after the spawn, only Gre-        I’ve ever witnessed. 44 teams qualified, 42 teams
       nada could produce those types of numbers.              entered, only 1 could be victorious, that the way
               The Big Fish contest was won by none            it ended. Jeremy and Clint have bragging rights
       other that Jeremy and Clint with a 2.89# mon-           till the 2019 Season begins. Bernard

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