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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                      Jeremy Aldridge & Clint Egbert

                          Overall - Winners - 25.41#’s

                               MCC Championship Tournament

                                       Grenada Lake - June 9th, 2018
              It’s getting hard to describe the Classic        days was 12 pounds.
       Winners, other than to say they are some of the                 The second-place winners, Terry and Cole
       best crappie fishermen in the country. These guys       Stewart are as good as they get too. They fish
       are making a big name for themselves not only in        the pro circuits (ACT & Crappie Masters). Terry
       our club but on other professional circuits. Jer-       & Cole won a recent ACT Tournament on Sardis.
       emy and Clint fishes ACT and Crappie Masters.           Terry has the perfect setup, Ranger Boat, Hum-
       They caught 20+ pounds in a recent Crappie              minbird Electronics and B’n’M Poles. They’re
       Masters Tournament on Grenada. Jeremy had               sponsored by Elite Optical, Terry and Tonya’s Eye-
       that group of fish mounted. Can’t say I blame           wear Company. Congratulations Terry and Cole,
       him.                                                    you guys did great.
              Clint is the quiet one in the group. All he              Third place winners were Vic Finkley and
       wants to do is fish. Jeremy will give you a decent      Kim Kennedy. If what’s said about Home-Lake
       interview when asked. Clint keeps everything to         Jinx is true, it must have hit home with Vic and
       one or two words. He will not give up any se-           Kim. This team fishes all over the country, from
       crets. Jeremy swears that Clint has the fastest         FL to IL, NC to TX. They won the MCC Angler of
       hand-eye coordination he’s ever seen. He can            the Year Points Race and two Club Tournaments
       grab a pole on the other side of the boat before        (Okatibbee and Enid) this season. I know of no
       Jeremy sees the bite.                                   one that puts more time on the water than this
              If we had fished both days on Grenada the        team. Vic says he spent 13 days on Enid, only
       combined weights could have pushed 30 pounds.           missing Mother’s Day to spend with his wife and
       Compare that to a recent Kentucky Lake two-day          family. That’s what it takes to win. Bernard
       tournament where the average weight for two

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