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                                         MCC - Past, Present & Future

             Hello MCC members and friends, we’ve finished our  9 out of 10 tournaments to win the MCC Youth Partici-
        25th year of crappie fishing as a club. We’ve had an    pation – Points Race for 2017.  Second place was a tie
        excellent season and we’re looking forward to another   between Joe Watkins (Stan Watkins) and Taylor Martin
        year of fantastic fishing. Whether you realize it or not   (Charles Lindsay) with 5. David and Samantha say,
        we’re living in and around what                                     “Trae wanted to fish the Enid tournament
        others from outside the State                                        with stomach flu but we wouldn’t let him.
        of MS call, “Crappie Heaven”.                                        He was determined to have a perfect
        That’s right, we’re blessed with                                     record like his daddy”.  I just wish we had
        the ‘Best Crappie Fishing Lake                                       more adults like Trae.
        in the World’. I sometimes                                                I repeat again, we’ve finished our 25th
        forget that fact until I talk to                                     year; I would like to thank our founders
        some of my buddies up north or                                       for their foresight, prudence, and pa-
        out west. They all have our MS                                       tience when they decided to form this
        Lakes on their Bucket List.                                          club. It took some tweaking but they got
             I must give a few accolades                                     it right. Each year we have to make a few
        before I get too far; I would                                        adjustments to our rules, but very seldom
        like to congratulate Brad Cal-                                       do we have to change our by-laws. My
        houn and Tommy Moss for their                                        hat’s off to all the founding members that
        ‘Come From Behind’ win in the                                        are still around, all I can say is ‘Thank
        MCC 2017 Classic Champion-                                           You’. I also thank you guys for offering
        ship. These guys deserve all                                         assistance to the governing group. We
        the praise and congratulations                                      sincerely appreciate your support.
        we could give them, they never gave up, after a 10th         On July 8th the MCC BOD met and set a fantastic
        place (12.76#’s) finish of Day One. However, they       schedule of 2018. We made a few rules adjustments
        showed out on Day Two with a 3rd place (13.20#’s)       and we incorporated a Code of Conduct. It’s something
        finish to give them 25.96#’s for the Two Days and a     like a handbook of what’s acceptable during our tour-
        Championship Trophy. They beat 2nd Place Overall        nament process. We’re planning on putting our weigh-
        Winners (Brad Taylor and John Harrison – 25.73#’s) by   ins on our YouTube Channel, so we need everyone on
        a quarter-of-a-pound.                                   their best behavior.
             Congratulations to Jeremy Aldridge and Clint            We have a new Tournament Director (Adam Cal-
        Egbert for winning the prestigious MCC Angler of the    cote) and Weigh-Master (Joey Lowrey). We wish both
        Year / Points Championship. This makes it two times     officers the best of luck in the next season. Both posi-
        in three years that these guys have won this covetous   tions are critical operations positions, please give Adam
        award. It’s no easy job to win the Angler of the Year,   and Joey a word of thanks and assurance for taking
        you have to consistently win or do well on many differ-  these positions. We also have three (3) new board
        ent lakes. Jeremy and Clint lead the points race from   members. Veteran Keith Sullivan, Sherwood Collette,
        beginning to end.                                       and Michael Nowell, who moved from TD to Board
             Our Rookie of The Year Team for the 2016 Season    Member. For the 1st time in my tenure and I think MCC
        is Jason Cook and Juan Adame. These guys showed         history, we have our own Board Attorney. Thank you,
        us how to come in and compete with some of the          Sherwood, for all your help keeping us legal with your
        best crappie fishermen in the country. We had nearly    expert advice.
        20 rookie teams fish our 2016 tournament schedule               Lastly, if any of you have a specific question,
        and Jason and Juan fished all 10 tournaments and the    please address it to any of our BOD members. We
        Classic.                                                need it in writing so that we can get you a formal an-
             Last but not least when I speak of the present and   swer. We will answer any of your questions pertaining
        future, I must mention the Youth Participation Points   to our new rules. It’s best to ask and get clarity rather
        Race. We (the MCC BOD) wanted to find a way to get      than guessing and it cause problems in the end. We’re
        the youth involved in our tournament process. We de-    your Board of Directors, it’s your “Show” now ours.
        cided to track their participation.  We had a total of 16   We’re here to serve you the members of Magnolia
        youth fish our tournaments; I mean these kids actually  Crappie Club.  Thank You and have a blessed day.
        participated as a team member with their parent or      Bernard
        guardian. Trae McWilliams (David & Samantha) fished

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