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        Continued from page 9                                  made one child develop a passion for fishing,
        All the kids have to do is hold a cane pole, vol-      then my work was not in vain. If I taught one
        unteers do everything else. We bait their hooks,       child how to fish and that could feed them for a
        remove and bag their fish and some cases, keep         lifetime, then surely I won’t have to feed them
        them from jumping in the water after a fish.           for a day.
        They’re allowed to fish 30 minutes each round,         Several kids have become regulars, I’ve invited
        some kids fished 2 to 3 rounds, catching their         their parents to bring them when they were 2 to
        5 fish limit each round. The earlier rounds were       3 years old, several are almost at the 15-year-
        fast and furious, as fast as you could put your        old limit, they keep coming back each year. One
        hook in the water catfish from 2 pounds to 5           parent told me that her son woke her up at 4
        pounds would bite.                                     am ready to go fishing. She said she have to call

        I saw lots of broken poles and lines. One lit-         and threaten multiple times to get up for school,
        tle girl completely threw her pole in the water        not for fishing.
        when she saw the catfish. You can’t script that,       Now that’s what I call “Addicted to Fishing”. I
        that’s no fish story. The pole floated around the      was the exact same way at that young age, I
        lake for the entire duration. Guess you can’t          made sure I went to bed early because we had
        make fishermen out of all of them.                     a fishing trip planned for the next morning. I

        The most difficult part of the entire experience       thank my parents for providing me with that
        was keeping the parents from fishing. Some of          opportunity. It’s now my job to “Pay It Forward”
        the parents had never caught a fish; this was          to the next generation.
        new them as well. Each kid got to take their fish      I would like to thank the MCC members that
        home for supper; I know it was some happy              took time out of schedule to volunteer for this
        parents and kids at the dinner table.                  event, David & Samantha McWilliams, Robbie &
        The ponds were well stocked. One game war-             Stephanie Niven and Lance Evans. It’s no way
        den said that they had released 3,000 plus cat-        to pay you for your service other than to say, “I
        fish in the ponds a few days earlier. I don’t think    know the kids appreciated it!”. David and Sa-
        they caught all of them, however, they did thin        mantha’s son, 7-year-old Trae, caught his limit 3
        them out somewhat.                                     times. That boy loves “Trolling for Catfish”.

        I got a chance to see kids from all over the           So next year, the 1st Saturday in June, come
        State of MS and the one thing they all had in          join us. Don’t matter if you know how to fish or
        common on this day; they all enjoyed fishing           not, we have plenty of volunteer spots. Invest
        and catching fish. I know what you say, “What          a few hours in something that’s surely going to
        good does that do?” Well, if what I did on Satur-      pay big dividends in the future. You’ll be glad
        day, June 3rd, 2017 helped save just one child,        you took the time and you might just enjoy it as
                                                               much as the little ones. Bernard

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