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662-907-4080  2012-13 Issue 5 Jan. 5, 2013

Eagle Lake / Chotard - Tough Fishing - Tough Fishermen

Eagle Lake - Team Rabbit is Back…….                                                Continued……...

Pat Jeffcoats & Rabbit Rogers (not shown) finished 1st at Chotard / Eagle II with      While Eagle was hot a few week ago, it seems that since the
12.38#s. Rabbit got soaking wet fishing the piers at Eagle and had to stay in the  MS River has rose into Chotard and Albermarle, the fishing has
truck during the weigh-in. Rabbit said they got plenty of pictures of him so a     improved drastically. Two of the top 5 teams reported catching
photo shot was not that important to team Jeffcoats & Rogers.                      nice strings of black crappie in Chotard and Tennessee Lakes.

     January was not good to MCC on the river lakes, just one month                    The 2nd place team of Horton and Horton fished the Eagle
past we were catching limits of 2 pounders, boy what a difference a                Lake piers and weighed in 11.80#s. Chris and Kevin Horton really
few weeks make. I could see it happening each week. The fish got                   did their homework for this tournament. They fished Eagle every
fewer and fewer, true enough we did take quite a few out of the lake               weekend since the last tournament. That’s what it takes, time on
but the fish somehow moved. That didn't stop the Rogers / Jeffcoats                the water to win. This is the Horton Brothers 3rd year fishing
team from finding a winning stringer. I saw them just two piers down               MCC. Its their 1st time cracking the top 5. Chris stopped me Sat-
from the steel pier fishing all day.                                               urday and said, I finally get my picture in the newsletter, yes
                                                                                   Chris you sure will. You can keep it in there if you keep winning.
    You could hear the crowd’s response at the weigh-in when Pat
dumped that bucket in the basket, ‘Rabbit’s Back’. It seems that                       3rd place was captured by Ken Middleton and Larry Nipper
during the first 10 to 15 years of MCC existence, everyone was fish-               with 11.61#s. Some how they got that big Tuna Boat into Tennes-
ing for 2nd place because Rabbit and Ms. Jane would more than                      see Lake and caught some big specks. Ken is our new president
likely win. I can remember the very first tournament I fished about 6              and Larry is his right-hand man, they have a full day on tourna-
or 7 years ago, Rabbit winning. I asked him what’s the secret, he                  ment day getting the equipment trailer, scales, leader board, and
said, “To Be The Man, You Gotta Beat The Man”. That’s absolute-                    weight-in setup on time. I don't see how he has time to fish. Good
ly true, and finally we did start beating the ‘Man’.                               job guys, you deserve the rewards.

    It’s good to see the spread of winners, it means what my dad use                   4th place went to Terry and Cole Stewart with 11.13#s. These
to tell me “Every Dog Has His Day, and a Good Dog Has Two”.                        guys are hot, not only did they place in the top 5 this time, but
So we see the good dogs are coming out. Rabbit and Pat are great                   Terry and his dad won the last Chotard / Eagle tournament and
fishermen, the jig pole has been good to both. It’s hard to beat men               they’re now the points leaders. Mr. Don had better sense than to
at something they practically invented. I personally think their dry               get out in that weather, he let grandson, Cole Stewart fish in his
spell is over.                                                                     place. Looks like the smartest ones in that family are Mr. Don and
    On another note, Rabbit says Ms. Jane is recovering well and he
wants to thank everyone for all the calls, thoughts and prayers dur-                   5th place winners, Mike Sumrall and Jay Carr came in with
ing her recent illness. She’s back to fussing at him and that’s a good             10.74#s. Mike and Jay are in their 2nd year with MCC and they
sign. It won’t be long before she’s back on the lake. Ms. Jane, you                are on fire. It didn't take Mike long to figure out these MCC guys.
need to wait until the weather is better than it was at Eagle. We must             We tried to interview Mike and Jay afterwards and all we got was
be loosing our minds to fish in that kind of weather, but you know                 general information. Just because they won’t tell you anything
that MCC bunch, when it comes to crappie fishing, nothing stops                    don't mean you have to be that way. Come on and tell us where
them. I won’t work in the rain, but I will fish in the rain, sleet, or snow.       you caught them, and I don't mean “In the Mouth”.

                                                                                       On another note, it seems that a few of our members have de-
                                                                                   cided not to shave until they win a tournament. I could hardly recog-
                                                                                   nize Brad Taylor, Hugh Krutz and Steve Stevenson. Man, you talk-
                                                                                   ing about long beards. I want to challenge all the other teams, lets
                                                                                   make these guys look like they’re casting for Duck Dynasty. If that’s
                                                                                   the way they want it, then we’ll do whatever we can to help them
                                                                                   out. I guess y’all gonna do like Phil Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty)
                                                                                   routine, no shaving, showering, washing clothes until you win. Oh

                                                                                      Don and I fished the steel pier on the low end of Eagle. I listened
                                                                                   to Don this time. He assured me that this pier held plenty of fish.
                                                                                   Little did I know until 1pm on tournament day that he had caught
                                                                                   over 300 fish on this pier over the past month. I said “What”, I
                                                                                   know the reason we can’t catch any bigger fish, they’re all in your
                                                                                   freezer. My bad, its not Don’s fault. We had all day to try something

                                                                                       Sardis is next, maybe cold but the fish should cooperate. Last
                                                                                   year the only complaint we heard about Sardis was you catch the
                                                                                   limit too soon. 2 pounders, look out MCC is coming you way. BW
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