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Page 1  MCC NEWSLETTER                                                                        2013-14 Issue 5 January 11, 2014


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        MCC - Chotard Tournament - Winter Fishing At It’s Best

Jeremy Aldridge & Clint Egbert - Tournament Winners                             Continued ……

                                                                                    On the big fish side, Chaney Starnes & Matt Collier weighed a 2.28#
                                                                                slab. 2nd place big fish went to Mason Porter & Jacob Fooshee with a
                                                                                2.19# slab.

                                                                                    Again MCC would like to say thanks to our friends at Chotard Landing
                                                                                Lodge for their hospitality during our 2nd stay in less than a month. No
                                                                                one can make you feel at home better than Mark Johnson and his staff. If
                                                                                you’re ever in the area and need a place to stay don’t hesitate to stop by
                                                                                and get one of his fine cabin rooms. Tell them MCC sent you.

                                                                                We ate Deer and Duck at Friday night cook-out, and we had the lefto-
                                                                                                                                                  vers for tournament
                                                                                                                                                  day. Yes it was good.
                                                                                                                                                  Finger Licking good.

Jeremy Aldridge & partner Clint Egbert win their 2nd MCC Tourna-                                                                                       Let me tell you
ment at Chotard with 12.00#’s. This rookie team is on a hot streak                                                                                   about some new
and we’re soon headed up their way, Grenada & Enid.                                                                                                  friends I meet at
                                                                                                                                                     Chotard. Will and
    Jeremy & Clint showed us how it’s done in the winter at Chotard. These                                                                           Kadence Ferguson,
guys caught 7 slabs on the upper end of Albermarle to beat everyone.                                                                                 they are the children
They say their bites came while trolling minnows about 23’ at .5mph. Their                                                                           of MCC members
hot spot along with several other top 5 teams was a small area around                                                                                Dee and Lauren
Dent’s Landing. The river was almost at full bank, 35’ and falling. The                                                                              Ferguson. I met Will
weather was B-Utiful for a January day.                                                                                                              last year at Enid.
                                                                                                                                                     These kids are the
    Second place went to Charles Lindsay and Charles Lindsay, Jr. with                                                                               future of our club.
11.29#’s. These guys also fished Albermarle, in the same location as the                                                                             One day, and it prob-
winners. Only difference is they need .75#’s more. They say the bite was                                                                             ably wont be long,
very light, guess the 40 degree water had something to do with it.                                                                                   they’ll be running the
                                                                                Kadence, Ms Ginger, & Will Ferguson, the future of MCC. tournaments and
    David McWilliams & Robbie Nevin finished 3rd at 11.06#’s. They were                                                                              writing the news
one of only 6 teams to catch 7 fish. That’s right we only caught 108 total      letters. And another thing, these kids are being raised correctly, they say
fish for 35 teams. The fish averaged almost 1.5#’s.                             yes sir and no sir. Good job Dee & Lauren.

    Our total fish weight was 158.83#’s. The average fish per team was 3,          Ok MCC, get ready for February on Lake Washington. Last year we
and the average weight per team was 4.39#’s. January fishing on any lake        broke club records for the big fish. We had a record 7 fish 3#’s or better
in MS is a hit-or-miss situation, for the fish and the weather. We had 2        and 12 fish over 2.75#’s. We had 39 teams, caught 149 fish that weighed
fairly good days of practice and great weather for the tourney. Thank you       290#’s. Now that’s big numbers for a small crappie club like MCC. No
Lord.                                                                           other tournament circuit can boast about that. It was incredible consider-
                                                                                ing the weather was in the high 20’s and high wind.
    Coming in 4th was Rogers & Jeffcoats with 10.18#’s. For all you guys
that know this team, that’s nothing surprising. They’re holding on in the          We plan to have a recovery tank at the weigh-in just like last year.
points at a strong 2nd place, just behind Harrison & Driscoll. Richard Sand-    These big sows need to spawn and we’re gonna do our best to make
ers & William Tyer finished out the top 5 with 9.66#’s. I’m not sure, but I     sure they get that chance. So please keep your fish alive.
think they fished Albermarle. These guys can fish and they very seldom
miss a tournament. Good job guys.                                                 I love it when a plan comes together, our scoreboard has given us fits
                                                                                the last few tournaments. We now have it under control. With electronics
    This is also the area I fished. I forgot and left my net in Don’s boat. We  there’s always something that acts crazy at times. I contacted the manu-
landed 2 fish and lost 4 more real nice slabs. You just can’t pick up 2# fish   facture and it seems like lots of customers had the same problem. They
with the line, especially on tournament day. That won’t work. I know it now,    were very helpful, they gave me a solution and it was fixed within 5
but hey, it’s just a game. I’ve learned to stay calm, not get worked up, and    minutes. It sure makes things a lot more suspenseful seeing teams mov-
make the best out of a bad situation. That’s why they call it fishing not       ing down the list. I keep seeing my team move down as each team
catching, maybe we’ll have better luck next time….Bernard                       weighed. After 15th place, it becomes a non issue. That’s right when you
                                                                                only catch 2 fish your only hope is everyone else only weigh one. Ber-
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