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662-907-4080  2012-13 Issue 4 Dec. 8, 2012

Eagle Lake is Back - Brings back memories of the 70’s

Eagle Lake - The Stewart’s Rule The Day                                            Continued……...

                                                                                      The Eagle Lake weights were UN-REAL, the average fish weight
                                                                                   was 1.78#’s. We had 38 teams to register, 2 teams couldn't fish. All
                                                                                   36 teams that fished weighed 7 fish, totally unusual. The average
                                                                                   weight was 11.48#’s. It took 13.52#’s to get a check. Grenada
                                                                                   wouldn't do that good this time of year. Thank God we got another
                                                                                   tournament to follow in January.

                                                                                       Chaney Starnes from Southhaven came in with 14.82#’s to cap-
                                                                                   ture 2nd place. This was Chaney’s 1st time on Eagle, talk about
                                                                                   beginners luck. Chaney usually fishes with his wife, Deanna, but he
                                                                                   had to make the 233 mile trip alone this time. Chaney & Deanna are
                                                                                   2nd year members and members, thank you for joining
                                                                                   us. You’re hooked now, no turning back.

Terry & Mr. Don Stewart not only had the winning weight - 15.09#’s, they had           Shelton Culpepper & David Thornton was just behind with
the big-fish - 2.69#’s. Talking about have a good time with your dad, Terry & Mr.  14.77#’s. Now David & Shelton live on Eagle Lake. They know most
Don showed all of us how to make Eagle produce. Tonya is wondering if she’ll       of the fish by name. My partner Don Terry saw Shelton & David pre-
get her seat back. Mr. Don says if he had a few days he could teach Terry more.    fishing on Tuesday, Don pulls over to speak to them, seems Shelton
                                                                                   had 2 fish on, and wouldn't pull his pole up. Now I always knew
     Eagle Lake was once known for producing monster crappie,                      Shelton was sneaky, but that takes the cake. Pay-Back is coming
during the 90’s that all changed. Don’t know what happened but the                 my friend, pay-back is coming.
Crappie disappeared. Thanks to some restoration work done by
MCC & MWFP, Eagle is now where it once was, producing limits of                        Brad Chappell & Bo Hudson, two of my former friends, finished
huge black & white crappie.                                                        4th with 14.74#’s. We’re suppose to keep each other posted. Some-
                                                                                   how they didn't get the memo. We made a pact, the long-liners
    Terry Stewart our Tournament Director usually fishes with his                  would stick together. Nothing doing, guess I gotta go it alone. See ya
wife Tonya. Seems that Tonya had other obligations and this father,                later guys.
Mr. Don Stewart agreed to sit in for Tonya. Well that was right up
Terry’s alley. Getting to spend some quality time with his soon-to-be                  Rounding out the Top-5 was Andy Tackett & Callaway Harris with
80-year-old dad. Terry says they pre-fished Thursday (46), and Fri-                14.62#s. These guys are hot, they’re in the top 10 in points. Andy
day (31) at Eagle and had a wonderful time. Seems Mr. Don is a                     did convince me not to fish Chotard. I know that’s how it suppose to
tough act to follow. He gets around a little slow, not for his age, but            work, Bo & Brad. This season is Andy & Callaway’s 2nd full year on
once he gets going its no stopping him.                                            the MCC Trail. They too are members, thanks for join-
                                                                                   ing us. Andy is a current MCC board member and a Grenada Guide.
    We tried to interview Mr. Don and find out where and how he
caught that big stringer, his response was “I ain’t telling you noth-                  Ok, let me tell y’all a true story, Saturday before our tournament I
ing”. Looks like he’ll fit in perfect with those tight-lipped MCC guys &           was pre-fishing Chotard. When I came to the landing I met Brad
gals. He did tell us, “If I had a few weeks I could really teach that              Taylor. He asked if I caught anything I responded, showing him my
boy how to fish”. Seems Mr. Don, a retired high-school teacher,                    fish. He opened the live-well on that big 22’ Ranger and it was slap
raised Terry to hunt and fish at a young age. Terry says fishing with              full. I asked him where he caught them, he said “up side the bank”,
his dad was like a dream come true for both he and his dad. They                   3’ of water. So, on Friday I got “up side the bank”, I did find huge
both had to pinch themselves to make sure it was real. All I can say               fish, ‘G-A-R’. I hooked some gar at least 25 to 30 pounds. 8’ to 10’
y’all are 4-Real.                                                                  long. I fished Albermarle & Chotard with the same results. Oh, the
                                                                                   gar in Chotard are more aggressive. They will eat half a minnow and
                                                                                   then eat the other half. I know why they call them Alligator Gar now.

                                                                                      I knew better than to listen to my competitors, some how Brad
                                                                                   looked too innocent to lie to me. When I confronted him at Eagle he
                                                                                   said “I told you where the fish were, just not the right lake”. Ok,
                                                                                   guess I deserved that, learned a valuable lesson, “DON’T BELIEVE
                                                                                   “NOTHING THEM GUYS OR GALS TELL YOU BEFORE A TOUR-
                                                                                   NAMENT”. Pay-Back is Coming - Sooner than you think Brad. BW
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