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Page 1  MCC NEWSLETTER                                                                                 2013-14 Issue 4 December 14, 2013


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        MCC - Chotard / Eagle Tournament - Winter Fishing At It’s Best

        Lynn Gray / Vic Finkley - Tournament Winners                           Continued ……

                                                                                    Ray Clary & Phil Kirk were 4th place with 12.41#’s. Their catch also
                                                                               came out of Albermarle. Ray is a veteran MCC Member, fishing 5 or 6
                                                                               years with George Walker. Phil is one of our new members. Ok Ray, if no
                                                                               one else will say it, I will. “You did great on your partner trade-in.”

                                                                                   Chaney Starnes & Matt Collier rounded out the top-5 with 12.32#’s.
                                                                               This team hails from Hernando MS and they constantly finish in the mon-
                                                                               ey. Ok guys, what are you doing that I’m not doing, I know, catching big-
                                                                               ger fish, no joke.

Team Kim Gray & Vic Finkley win their 1st MCC Tournament at                    MCC would like to thank our friends at Chotard Landing Lodge for
Chotard with 13.38#’s. Gray & Finkley are becoming regular Top-5                                                                                     their hospitality
competitors. Congratulations to both team members, Vic & Kim.                                                                                        during our stay at
                                                                                                                                                     Chotard. No one
    Vic Finkley & Kim Gray proved one important thing at the MCC Cho-                                                                                can make you
tard / Eagle Lake Tournament, you don’t have to be from around Vicksburg                                                                             feel at home
to win at this tournament. We were betting on Shelton Culpepper & David                                                                              better than Mark
Thornton being on the podium accepting the 1st place honors, not this                                                                                and his staff. If
time, maybe in January 2014. Weighing in 13.38 pounds were just enough                                                                               you’re ever in the
to out-distance team Charles Lindsay & Charles Lindsay, Jr.                                                                                          area and need a
                                                                                                                                                     place to stay
   The weather was not a factor in this tournament, the rain that came in                                                                            don’t hesitate to
during the late-night early morning, ended by fishing time. A very warm                                                                              stop by and get
and foggy morning allowed most teams to get their 7-fish limit early in the                                                                          one of his fine
morning. Most teams that I talked to said they had their fish by 8am. Don &                                                                          cabin rooms. Tell
I fished the deep water piers at Eagle with good results. The fish were                                                                              them MCC sent
smaller but there were catches were almost equal in numbers.                                                                                         you.

    Vic & Kim caught their fish in Albermarle, fishing 1’ - 2’ deep in 12 FOW                                                I know I
using small minnows. Their big fish topped the scales at 1.91 pounds, the
other fish were almost identical. So for all you nay-sayers, that say the                                                    missed the Friday
river lakes are depleted, you just need these MCC teams to dissect them a
few days                                                                                                                     night cook-out,

   Charles Lindsay and his substitute partner Jo Jo Brown also did excel-      Mark Johnson owner of Chotard Landing Lodge.  you don’t have to
lent in Albermarle, weighing in 13.17 pounds. Team Lindsay has proven to                                                     remind me. I was
be tough to beat during the winter months on the river. They put their prac-
tice and years of experience to work especially during this time of year.      able to get a taste of pulled pork provided by Mark and staff. That’s right,

    The husband-wife team of Greg & Ginger Ladner finished 3rd with            they roasted a 250 pound wild hog, and boy let me tell you something, it
13.01#’s. The Ladner’s hail from the MS Gulf Coast. They have a camp
around the corner from Chotard. During the winter months they spend            was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S.
most days fishing or hunting around the area. They are fast learners, I can
remember only a few years ago when this team first began fishing this              You guys never let us down, mainly because of the long-time friend-
area. Way-to-Go y’all, nothing beats a wife that can out fish or out hunt      ship we’ve developed over the years. You know a friend, someone that’s
your ole man. I hear Ginger can do it on a consistent basis. No I did not get  with you when you up or down, and we’ve been there during both. Back
this from Greg. It came from a reliable source, Brad & Bo...Bernard            in 2011 when the river reached over 57’ at Vicksburg destroying practical-
                                                                               ly everything in site at Chotard, MCC never waivered,

                                                                                   MCC was determined as Mark was to see him get back on his feet,
                                                                               and boy has Chotard Lodge came back. Chotard is the only place other
                                                                               than Grenada, that we visit more than once a year. I can remember dur-
                                                                               ing the 2012 season, fishing 4 tournament days on Chotard and loving it.
                                                                               That’s how we roll, we make no excuses, “we put the medicine where the
                                                                               pain is”.

                                                                                  Ok MCC, get ready for January, we know it’s gonna be cold. So dress
                                                                               suitably. We don’t need anyone getting sick and having to listen to the
                                                                               madam complaining about how crazy you are for going out in that kind of
                                                                               weather. I can say that because my better half never reads the newslet-
                                                                               ter. They will say that, I hear it all the time. It’s best not to say anything,
                                                                               unless you have nothing better to do than to debate a person that knows
                                                                               nothing about logic. Better stop at that, see you at Chotard….Bernard
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