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                          Magnolia Crappie Club - Eagle Lake, The New Grenada !!!

            I know you’ve heard me say this before             say, “It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than
         but, if you asked the Lord to make you a              That”. This year could be impressive and
         perfect crappie fishing day, then Saturday,           record-breaking. The lake level is 218 MSL,
         February, 24th would have been that day.              which is 3’ above summer pool and 10’
         It was perfect, wind,                                                          above the normal lev-
         sunlight and last but not                                                      el for this time of the
         least, the fish were biting.                                                   year. There shouldn’t
         I love it when I know the                                                      be any complaints
         fish are in a biting mood                                                      about low water, be
         and you can find them ex-                                                      careful and watch
         actly where you put them                                                       out for the stumps,
         to bed the day before.                                                         they’re still there.
            MCC, I was going to say                                                        High water during
         lucked up, but since my                                                        the spring adds sev-
         spirituality doesn’t allow                                                     eral benefits to a
         me to believe in luck,                                                         lake like Grenada. It
         I have to say we were                                                          almost ensures that
         “blessed” with all the                                                         there will be an ex-
         things it takes to make                                                        cellent class of fish
         for a great tournament.                                                        about 4 years from
         I wasn’t the only one to know this, seems             now, it adds nutrients to the water helping
         like three others that finished ahead of              the food chain, and it gives fishermen plen-
         me knew it also. Congratulations to all our           ty of water to search for fish.
         contestants. We all fished an ethical, awe-              I’ve been asked lots of questions about
         some and amazing tournament. Thanks for               the qualifications for the MCC Classic Cham-
         all the help you provided for us to pull this         pionship Tournament. It plainly states in
         one off.                                              our rules, “There is two (2) ways to fish
            Wow, the MCC Family had a dreadful                 the tournament: (1) Finish in the top 40
         week; we lost a fantastic person, with the            in the Angler of the Year Points Race OR
         passing of Stan Watson and Johnny Walker              (2) Participate (pick up your weigh tickets)
         due an accidental fall. Our hearts, prayers,          in 8 tournaments. Paying the entry fee in
         and condolences are with Joey and his                 advance only assures you of 10 points per
         family and friends during their time of sor-          tournament in the points race. If can find
         row. Joey, “You have a tremendous support             our rules on our website (www.magnolia
         group with MCC. If you need our assis-       “2017 – 2018
         tance for anything, don’t hesitate to ask.            Rules”. There will be no exceptions allowed
         We might even tell you where the fish are;            to these rules.
         doubt you’ll take our advice considering                 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
         how you ‘beat us up’ on Saturday.” We’re              get your lines ready and your hooks sharp;
         all hoping you continue with Stan’s Custom            we’re going to have some “Fish Catching
         Lure Painting.                                        in the House on Saturday, March 17th”. If
            Next up is the tournament we live for              it’s the Lords will and the bridges don’t get
         each year, “Grenada Lake in the Spring”; as           washed out, we’ll see you at Grenada, “The
         the Old Milwaukie Beer commercial use to              Land of the Giants”. Bernard

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