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                                                             Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine
                                                                           appie Club
                                                                      ia Cr

                                              Well, if you “Ain’t Livescoping,     crowd at Eagle Lake. We’ve got
                                            You Ain’t Winning,” like Forest        to do a lot better following the
         PUBLISHER                          Gump says, “That’s all I have to       COVID-19 Protocols before get-
         Michael Nowell                     say about that.” Rick and Shane        ting to the COE Lakes. Those are
         President                          Moody came out swinging for            Federal Lakes, and their Protocols
                                            the fence in 2021. They showed         are enforceable. They can shut us
                                            us, “Ain’t nobody scared of them       down quickly until this pandemic
         EDITOR                             Stewart Boys, Men.” I wish I           is over. I’m not fussing, just stat-
         Bernard Williams                   could say the same. I need a few       ing the facts.
         Vice-President                     more 100 hours of practice.             We’ve got a great group, our
                                                I know for a fact the confi-       MCC fisherman. I love it when
                                            dence doesn’t come easy. Yeah,
         WRITERS                            yeah, some of you ole die-hard         there’s no drama. It’s been a
         Michael Nowell,                    spider-riggers and single-pole         good year regardless of the con-
                                                                                   ditions we’ve had to fish. It took
         President                          jiggers still don’t wanna switch.      a tremendous amount of adjust-
                                            Nevertheless, if you want to be        ments for all of us to continue
         Paula Nowell,                      competitive consistently, you’ve       enjoying our favorite sport, crap-
         Secretary/Treasurer                got to consider adding Livescop-       pie fishing.
                                            ing to your rep-
                                                                                                I want to thank
         Stephen Turner,                    ertoire seriously.                                Mayor George Flaggs
         Weigh-Master                         Eagle Lake                                      of Vicksburg and the
                                            is an excellent                                   Visit Mississippi for
                                            fishery; it took                                  sponsoring the Eagle
         PHOTOGRAPHER                       14 pounds to                                      Lake Tournament.
         Bernard Williams                   make the top                                      Mayor Flaggs was
                                            10. We have no                                    instrumental in help-
         Contact us at:                     idea how bless-                                   ing us secure our 1st
         magnoliacrappieclub@gmail.         ed we are not to                                  Visit MS Sponsorship.
         com                                have to ice fish                                  We’ve tried for several
                                            this time of the                                  years to no avail. May-
                                            year. Nearly 25
         MCC Adventures Magazine                                                              or Flaggs wrote one
         is publication of Magnolia         teams caught                                      letter, and bam, it was
         Crappie Club. No portion may       their limit.                                      a done deal. Thank
         be reproduced without written      Several teams                          you, sir. If it’s the Lord’s will, we’ll
         permission. @Copyright 2021        caught six fish that averaged
         Photographs can be pur-            almost 2 pounds each. I’m not          see you again, at the same time,
         chased from Magnolia Crappie                                              same place next year.
         Club upon request.                 going to talk about big fish, but       We move on the Lake Washing-
                                            we weighed at least ten fish that
                                            weighed 2.50 pounds or better.         ton, February 13th. Our schedule
         See our website for mem-                                                  gets pretty rapid after that, with
         bership,rules or tournament        That’s an amazing and phenome-         one tournament in March and
         schedules at:                      nal feat for any crappie lake.         two in April. Two tournaments in          My hat’s off to all the guys that    one month, two weeks apart, is
                                            have mastered the Livescoping          our 1st time trying tournaments
                                            skills, all it takes is “Time on the   that close together.
                                            Water.” You get out of fishing,
                                            what you put into it. Lately, with      Don’t forget; we need sponsors.
                                            the pandemic, I’ve put fishing         The more you bring in, the more
                                            on the back burner. I still love       we fish for during the champion-
                                            the sport. I love the club, the        ship. We have sponsorship levels
                                            friends, and the camaraderie           from $200 and up. We take do-
                                            that we share at each event. Our       nations from $1 and up. We take
                                            staff continues to work in the         in-kind and product donations for
                                            background to ensure we get the        advertisement.
                                            event sponsors and tournament           Be Blessed and see you at Lake
                                            details are completed each time.       Washington.
                                              It was great to see such a huge       Bernard

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