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                                                                               662-907-4080  2012-13 Issue 10 May 4, 2013

Enid Open & The World’s Largest Crappie Festival

Enid Winners - Reasons & Younce                                                Splash 4 Cash Winner—Jimmy Smith

                                                                                                Congratulations to Veteran MCC
                                                                                             Member Jimmy Smith for winning
                                                                                             the $1,000 Academy Gift Card. You
                                                                                             Smith Guys are the Luckiest Men I
                                                                                             know. Let’s see, you won the $1,500
                                                                                             Big Mama Open, $500 B’n’M Bucks,
                                                                                             now the $1,000 Gift Card. Living
                                                                                             Right does pay great dividends. At
                                                                                             least that’s what Ricky says.

                                                                                                New Rule: No Smith can win any
                                                                                             prize over $100 for the next year. All
                                                                                             in favor say yeah, nobody opposes
                                                                                             but the Smith Boys.

Congratulations to Anthony Reasons & Braxton Younce, winners at the MCC            Another tournament season is in the books, thank you Lord.
Enid Open. Anthony & Braxton are no strangers to crappie fishing, they’ve al-  We’ve fished 10 regular season tournaments and returned all safe
ways done good on the North MS Lakes. Good job guys, way to go...              and secure. What a blessing!! We had lots of challenges this year,
                                                                               new equipment (computerized score keeping, leader board, equip-
    Enid fishes differently each time MCC holds a tournament. Last             ment trailer, scales) and a new president. Let me be the first to say,
year we had to hide behind a tree to bait your hook. Everyone caught           I had my doubts at first but like anything new, you have to make
tons of fish. Although small they were plentiful. This year was a dif-         adjustments. Now after all the mishaps and missteps, it became
ferent story. With four days of continual rain that pushed the lake to 3       smooth as silk. It’s hard to get two people to agree on most things,
feet over the summer pool. I’ve personally never seen Enid that full.          and we’ve had 79 teams join and fish with MCC this year. We don't
All this water in such a short period of time caused the fish to re-           always agree on many things, but we all agree that this was one
spond finicky, at least for me.                                                heck of a season.

    We didn’t have a problem catching fish, just ones big enough to                I would like to thank a few people for their participation in the
legally weigh-in. Along comes Anthony and Braxton in Bear Creek.               MCC functions this year: Ken & Larry, Terry & Tonya, Mike &
They found their fish in places that were dry ground and grass just a          Paula, Ray & Dawn, Roger & Katie and many others. Y’all
few weeks ago. Anthony stated that they fished 5’ to 7’ water with             jumped in and did what was needed at the registrations, weigh-ins,
weeds and grass and caught limits of fish. Each time the bait would            and cook outs. Great times with great people. Now don't get mad if I
bump the weeds the fish will bite. Just how they located these fish is         didn’t mention you name, your help was greatly appreciated.
amazing. Good job guys, good job.
                                                                                   Our championship is upon us, looks like we have 38 teams to
    Second place was captured by none other than Ken Middleton                 qualify. We’ll be fishing Big Bad Barnett for two days, May 31 &
and Larry Nipper. This was the same team that won our last tourna-             June 1. Yes it will be H-O-T, the fishing should be H-O-T too. I’ve
ment at Arkabutla. Seems they used the same technique, fishing the             seen better catches come out of Barnett this year than we had in a
Coffee Bean Weeds. Now that they’ve proved this to be a viable                 long time. Let’s hope y’all put back some of those 2 and 3 pounders
technique during high-water situations, be sure that it will be used           caught during the spawn, you gonna need them.
again. Ken said they found their fish by accident or luck. Not true, no
one gets lucky two times. The first time maybe luck but after that its             Last but not least, I would like to thank all of you for bearing with
skillful experience.                                                           me as I progressed in writing your newsletter, yes, it’s your newslet-
                                                                               ter not mine, it’s been fun and I thank you for all the wonderful com-
    Third place was captured by the Nowell’s again. This husband-              ments. I consider all MCC members and their families as part of my
wife team is on a tear. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working. They’re          family, so it was my pleasure to sit down for a few minutes and write
in the top-5 in the last 4 or 5 tournaments, including a record setting        about our tournaments. If I offended anyone, please forgive me, it
win at Lake Washington. Both Mike and Paula are veteran experi-                was not my intentions. It’s election time and who knows what the
enced crappie fishers. They have the patience and the know-how.                future holds, I’m coming off the Board of Directors this year and it’s
Thank You Mike & Paula for all your hard work at the weigh-ins and             been a pleasure to serve each of you. It’s time for new blood and
running the Splash-4-Cash. It’s y’all’s dedication to this fund-raiser         I think other members need to STEP-UP and MAN-UP ... BW
that’s going to make our Championship Finals a big-money tourna-
ment. From me and all MCC Members, Thank You!!! … BW
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