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Page 1  MCC NEWSLETTER                                                                                  2013-14 Issue 9 May 3, 2014


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        MCC - Enid Open Tournament - Post Spawn Crappie !!!

Brian Fletcher & Kevin Stockbridge - Tournament Winners                                   Splash-4-Cash Winner - Jeremy Aldridge

Enid winners Brian Fletcher & Kevin Stockbridge with 11.49#’s. Way                        This has got to be Jeremy Aldridge’s lucky (Blessed) year. Jeremy and
to go guys, y’all had a good payday, winning both MCC Enid Open &                         Clint Egbert have won 2 tournaments, the Rookie of the Year Award
the Fruitjar Tournaments. Good job my friends….                                and now the $1,000 Academy Gift Card. Wow, let’s go to the Boat!! ...

    Enid Lake is one of the MCC tournaments I look forward to fishing each year.               Congratulations to Jeremy Aldridge for being the lucky winner in our Splash-
You hear reports from Enid all spring of great catches. Brian & Kevin showed us           4-Cash Fundraiser. Jeremy won the $1,000 Gift Card donated by Academy
that the reports were true. These guys came to the scales with just enough weight         Sports. Each MCC member is asked to sell 25 - $5 tickets. Most members buy
to surpass Joe Lowery & Randy Bouchillon by .01 pounds; that’s right only a drop          all 25 tickets; not Jeremy, he sold all his tickets except 7 or 8. I guess you only
of water separated the two teams. Way to go Brian & Kevin, sorry Joe & Randy.             had to have 1 ticket to win and he won.

   Brian & Kevin say they caught their fish pushing minnows nearly 1mph; with                I told him the rules say you have to split the winning with his partner, Clint. I
some poles set at 3’ deep and some set on the bottom in 10’ to 14’ of water. Now          guess we’ll have to wait on the results from that conversation. Paul Johnson
Joe and Randy caught their fish in the same depth of water pushing minnows much           even offered him $500 for the gift card to no avail. I’m kinda like Jeremy, I
slower; their poles were set around the 6’ to 8’ deep. So you see there was really        would’ve have sold it either. I told Jeremy he had his wife’s Christmas gift al-
no pattern established; just had to cover as much water as possible.                      ready, $100 for her and $900 for him; guess we’ll have to wait on those result
   Our 3rd place winners were the team of Vic Finkley (Uncle Vic) & Kim Gray with
11.32#’s. I had predicted they would be the winners; seeing how they guide on Enid           We have another update on Paul Johnson’s Race-Within-A-Race. He stated
100 days a year or more. Vic & Kim broke out the new deck boat on Enid. It’s a            earlier that he’s beaten Team Charles Lindsay and Team Tommy Moss & Brad
cross between a pontoon boat and a bass boat. It has a 4 cylinder inboard that’s          Calhoun 4 out of 7 times this year, well it’s over now, 5 out of 9; Paul and Gil are
quiet and gets excellent gas mileage. Vic says it takes rough water better that any       the winners. Tommy & Brad had other obligations on Saturday and couldn’t fish;
boat in his arsenal. It’s got to be the ticket for them to get out of that 22 foot Rang-  so by default Paul & Gil were the winners. However the points race was a differ-
er.                                                                                       ent story; Tommy & Brad beat the brakes of Paul & Gil; so did Lindsay & Lind-
                                                                                          say. Personally I think Paul & Gil would’ve done a lot better if they had stopped
   Coming in at 4th was the team of Rabbit Rogers and Pat Jeffcoats with 10.73’s. I       pulling crankbaits in August instead of January. On another note, it’s great to
thought Rabbit and Pat didn’t like the Big-4 Lakes in North MS; boy was I wrong.          see Paul keep a partner for an entire year; that’s another first I forgot to mention
These guys were 2nd in the points standings; hoping to top John Harrison & Kent           earlier.
Driscoll for the points championship.
                                                                                             Well, we’re finished with the 2013/2014 season. We’ve got over 35 teams that
   The only way I saw for Rabbit & Pat to make up the points needed was for John          qualified for the championship tournament on May 30th & 31st. We have a split
& Kent to BOLO; not catch a fish, if you know John like I do; that’s not going to         tournament this year with one day at Sardis and one day at Enid. Should be
happen. Well, Enid was not the lake to make up the 3+ pounds needed to win the            excellent fishing at both lakes. We’ll be fishing for $20,000; that’s right we’ll
points championship. Congratulations to John and Kent for winning the points              payout $10,000 each day, with the overall winner getting $500 extra. Y’all better
race. You guys never won a tournament but with consistent top finishes you stood          get them minnow poles, crankbaits, longlines and jig poles ready; then go for
the test, way to go my friends.                                                           what you know. Everyone will have the same advantages.

   Rounding out the top 5 was the team of Jimmy & Ricky Smith with 10.70#’s. It              Finally, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as MCC Vice-President.
was good to see Ricky back in the boat after his back surgery. This man has suf-          I’ve really enjoyed serving on the Board of Directors, being the MCC Photogra-
fered for a while with back problems; I hope and pray the doctors got this one right.     pher, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster. It’s a lot of work, let me tell you. I think
If you’ve never had back pains it’s no way to explain the excruciating pain. Ricky        it’s time for someone else to step up to the plate. I love MCC and it’s members;
says it a lot better now; at least he can sleep. Ricky kept a positive frame of mind      we’re more than a fishing club; we’re more like family. Honestly I do talk to MCC
during his ordeal. I asked him before the surgery how he was doing, he said: “Well        members more than I talk to my family. It’s not the fish that we love so much it’s
Bernard, I’m still on the good side of the dirt”. Now that’s called hanging in there      the fishing, the family, and the fun that keeps us coming back…. Bernard
and playing the cards you were dealt.

    Well Enid was the last regular season tournament, it’s been a great year for
MCC. We’ve seen more 3# fish weighed this year than ever before. We had more
teams fish MCC tournaments than ever before; a total of 79 different teams have
fished our tournaments. I don’t like to brag, but it’s nothing wrong with stating the
facts; MCC is growing at leaps and bounds. The only thing that can stop us now is
ourselves. That’s not going to happen anytime soon………..Bernard
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