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                          Magnolia Crappie Club - Enid, Fish, Fish, and More Fish!!!

            We finally have the 2018 Season behind us,            I would like to thank all our sponsors for
         on to the Championship. It’s been an awesome          their support in making our 2018 season a
         season. We’ve had our growing pains just like         success. Each and every MCC member should
         any other organization, civic or religious. We        personally thank them. They’re what makes
         survived and grew beyond anyone’s imagina-            MCC the Oldest, Largest and the Best Crappie
         tion. We have teams come and go, tournament           Club in the Nation. Did you hear what I said,
         fishing is not for everyone. The ones that are        we’re the cream of the crop; we have some of
         addicted can’t live without it. I’m one of them,      the nation’s best crappie fishermen competing
         I’ve fished competatively for over                                           with us. It’s no secret, if
         12 years. I still can’t sleep on                                             you fish with MCC, you
         Friday nights before a tournament                                            can compete in any na-
         because of the excitement.                                                   tional circuit.
            We’re not doing it for the mon-                                             Our elections are
         ey or the fish, we’re here for the                                           around the corner, we’ll
         competitive spirit in us, we love                                            elect 3 new board mem-
         what we’re doing. Winning is                                                 bers, and officers at our
         important but it’s not at the top of                                         banquet on Thursday,
         the list. I really think with most of                                        June 7th. That includes
         us, crappie fishing a way of life. I                                         President, Vice-Presi-
         would say a religion, but I’ll leave                                         dent, Secretary/Treasur-
         that alone.                                                                  er, Tournament Director
            Fishing at Enid was an awe-                                               and Weigh-Master. If you
         some experience, it’s no lake in                                             would like to become one
         MS that contains more fish per                                               of these board members,
         acre. It’s loaded with fish in the        Parker Eichwurtzle - 12 years old  offer yourself up for nom-
         10” to 13” size. Later this year, say                                     ination and if you’re elected,
         late fall early winter, these fish will be 12” to     get ready to roll up your sleeves and work. It’s
         15”. Most of us know that post-spawn crappie          nothing prestigious, just hard work.
         will be poor, these fish have done their mating          Finally, I think we’ve been blessed to have
         ritual for the past 3 months and now they’re          another season with no major incidents. We’ve
         in feeding mode. That’s when the fun begins,          lost a couple members, Stan Watkins and Read
         don’t expect the heavy weights, but big creels        Bush and they will truly be missed. Our hearts
         are definitely there for the picking.                 and condolences go out to their families. They
            We had 53 teams register for our tourna-           will live on in our lives and within our club.
         ment, 46 teams actually fish the tournament.             Our board voted to pay for every MCC Mem-
         Only 3 teams failed to weigh 7 fish. According        ber’s Banquet Meal. Its our way of “Showing
         to our stats, we caught 315 fish that averaged        the Love”. We need to be on our best behavior,
         1.36#’s. We averaged almost 6 fish per team           we’ll have guests from the Tourism Commis-
         and a 7.92# weight for the 53 teams. That’s           sion and Other City Officials. Be sure to thank
         with 7 teams not fishing.                             them for their support of MCC.
            On to the Championship, it’s going to be              May the God I Serve, Bless each and every
         a doosey, one day on Enid, one day on the             one of you and your family. I personally thank
         World-Famous Grenada Lake. Who could ask              you for allowing me to serve as you Vice-Pres-
         for more? Expect big numbers at Enid and big          ident for the past 6 years. It has been a plea-
         fish at Grenada. My prediction is it will take        sure, we’ve all grown together, not only as
         around 24 to 25 pounds to be crowned MCC              fishermen but as brothers and sisters. Good
         State Champion.                                       Luck and Be Safe.    Bernard

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