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                                                                               662-907-4080  2013-14 Issue 1 Sept 21, 2013

MCC Grenada Club Tournament - Big Mama Open Tournament

Jeremy Aldridge / Clint Egbert                                                 Big Mama Open Winners - Thornton & Culpepper

Congratulations to Jeremy Aldridge & Clint Egbert on winning our Grenada Club  And we have a winner, congratulations to David Thornton and Shelton Culpepper. These
Tournament with a 7 fish limit totaling 12.34#’s. This was the 1st time these  guys are the luckiest men in the club. They only caught 1 fish (2.53#’s) and won $1,500.
guys ever fished a tournament and 1st time with MCC. Y’all Hooked Now…..       Plus the $500 in B’n’M Bucks. Thanks to Kent Holmes & Donnie Praytor (2.73#’s) who
                                                                               didn’t fish the BMO, Culpepper & Thornton were our new BMO Champions. Way to Go...

    Jeremy Aldridge & Clint Egbert were the hands down winners of                Shelton and David have got to be the luckiest guys I’ve ever met. They
the MCC Grenada Club tournament with 12.35#’s. These guys were                 weighed in 1 fish but it was good thinking to enter the BMO. We had a
1 of 3 teams to weigh in a limit of fish. Most teams caught 0, 1, 2, or        fish weighed in that was much heavier (2.73#) than their 2.53# but due to
3 fish. I think most teams didn’t catch a fish. It was no fault or reflec-     the fact that the team decided not to enter the BMO team Culpepper &
tion on the fishermen and women. The fish just didn’t want to bite.            Thornton were the winners of the $1,500 & the $500 in B’n’M Bucks.
Most teams caught their fish during the 1st hour of the tournament,
including me.                                                                     Shelton wasted no time in paying David his part. I saw him count out
                                                                               $750 in cash and hand it to David. Shelton, anybody that’s got that much
    Jeremy stated that he found some good fish on Friday during pre-           money don’t need to be fishing. You should have been at Tunica. Oh
fishing around Carver Point. Saturday morning he and Clint returned            well, the ones that needs the money never seem to win the money. Con-
and the fish were exactly where they were the day before. They slow            gratulations guys, y’all deserve the win cause you’ll probably spend it all
-trolled minnows just off the bottom in 11’ to 13’ feet water. The bit         at the Crappie Master National Championship.
was very slow. They caught 6 fish the 1st 2 hours and it took 6 hours
to catch the last fish.                                                           I would also like to thank everyone that stepped up and helped with the
                                                                               registration and weigh-in. We also want to say a special thank you to
    We know Jeremy & Clint are hooked on MCC now, this was their               Mike Ward and his staff from War-Eagle Boats for the cookout. That was
1st time fishing a MCC Tournament and only the 2nd time fishing a              some excellent food. Those ribs were delicious. Thank you Mike. You not
tournament. Jeremy fished our BMO last fall. We’ll be seeing more of           only make excellent boats but your grills are top of the line.
these Batesville guys. They’re planning on fishing all our tourna-
ments.                                                                            The 2013/2014 season is off to a wonderful start. We had a club record
                                                                               number of team enter this tournament (53 teams). I know it would have
    Finishing in 2nd place was the veteran team of Kent Driscoll &             been more had it not been for the bad weather. But most of you know,
John Harrison. This team really don’t need any introduction. Some-             nothing can stop a determined fisherman. It started off kind of gloomy but
how they seem to finish in the top 5 no matter where we choose to              it ended up being a beautiful day. As they say, a bad day fishing is better
fish. Kent says they caught 2 fish in Perry Creek and then moved to            than a good day working.
Carver Point. They say it took 6 hours to catch the other 5 fish. Slow-
trolling minnows seemed to be the ticket for these finicky Grenada                 For this season we have raised the bar in participation and member-
fish.                                                                          ships. When you see something that needs to be done, let’s not hesitate
                                                                               to lend a hand or bring it to our attention. The officers of MCC are here to
    With over 4” of rain coming in less than 24 hours, it made fishing         serve each of you. As volunteers we need your assistance. This means
very difficult. We had over 60 teams sign up and we only weighed               all club members. Please don’t forget what we’re all about, Friends,
120 fish. We had 15 or more teams that didn’t weigh a fish. Now                Family, Fun and Crappie Fishing!!! ... BW
that’s Not Good Fishing, but we got Great People, and the Best
Crappie Club in the World. … BW
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