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Page 2  MCC NEWSLETTER  2013-14 Issue 1 Sept 21, 2013

From the Tournament Director’s Desk - Michael Nowell

                                          Wow! What a Week-end!!!

                                                     All you have to do is say the words "fishing tournament" and here comes the weather. It
                                                was ruff and we did not even leave the marina due to motor issues. For the teams that rode it
                                                out and actually caught some fish my hat's off to you. You guys are a great bunch of die hard
                                                crappie fanatics. And with the turnout we had in spite of the weather I think we are started
                                                off to a great season. I know our Big Mama numbers were down but did you release we set
                                                another record? We had 53 paid member teams in the MCC tournament. That's great!

                                                     Thank you so much to everyone new teams and old who came out and supported our
                                                club to kick the season off right on such a nasty weekend. I also want to thank everyone who
                                                helped this weekend go as good as it did. From helping new team with registration, selling
                                                merchandise, setting stuff up, taking pictures, assisting with the weigh in, the fish recovery
                                                tanks. Thank you everyone for your support. Thank you Artie Huff for everything you do to
                                                accommodate us whenever we come to Grenada Lake. You make the weekend go so
                                                smoothly. Also thank you to the Corp Volunteers who came out on tournament day. It is so
                                                wonderful to have the support of the community. And of course thank you War Eagle Boats
                                                for that wonderful meal. You guys know how to get it done when you roll in with that big

    Even with rough weather conditions you know somebody is gonna come in with a bucket full of slabs. Thanks to Shelton Culpep-
 per and David Thornton their 2.53 lb Big Mama finally brought those trophies back to the MCC family were they belong. Great job
 guys! For the second tournament in a row we were reminded you gotta pay to play. Kent Holmes brought in the biggest fish @ 2.72
 lbs but unfortunately he did not enter the Big Mama tournament. And what about those Batesville boys. First tournament ever and
 they blew us out of the water with 7 fish for 12.34 lbs. What a way to start a season!!

    Next up, we have Wolf Lake in Yazoo City, one of our favorite MCC stops. Good fishing, good music, good times. What more
 could you ask for? Mr. Billy Vandevere has agreed to let us use his private boat landing again. Please, if you do use his landing for pre-
 fishing make sure you CLOSE AND LOCK THE GATE!!! We don’t want to let his horses out. The store on the hill will have min-
 nows and it will open around 4am the week of the tournament. They assured us they will have plenty medium and large minnows.

    Hines Store has agreed to have their buffet breakfast ready for us @ 5:00 for our registration. Remember they will have fine steaks
 Friday nights too. Look forward to seeing you there!!!

 Registration @ Hines Store 5:15am - 6:15am - Start Fishing 7:00am - Stop Fishing 2:00pm - Weigh In starts at 3:00pm

 Michael Nowell

The Weigh-Master’s– Larry Nipper

                                                      Grenada Awesome as Always!!

                                             The 2013 / 2014 Season is in full swing. As always we started this year with a bang.
                                         The Fall Grenada and BMO were a major success. Thanks to all that assisted with the
                                         sign-up and weigh-in. Don Terry you did an excellent job at the tank station. I want to
                                         challenge all new members to come help us with the weigh-in. We can never get too
                                         much help. My hats off to young Logan Guice. Logan did an outstanding job running
                                         the baskets back and forth. Thank you Logan…

                                            This job is kind of new to me, I did work several weigh-in’s in the past but now I’m
                                         your weigh-master. If you see anything that needs my attention don’t hesitate to tell me.
                                         Last but not least, MCC members, Please, help with the setup and take down of our
                                         equipment. It’s not my equipment it’s yours. Help us take care of it. We’re are wanting to

                                  go home afterwards so please give us a hand. Thanks ... Larry Nipper
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