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                                    Grenada Lake - A Big Fish Lake - For Real!!

                Grenada Lake is every crappie fisher-           town favorites, Vic Finkley and Kim Gray with
         man’s dream; it produces huge fish all year            13.52#’s. Now, this is the same team that won
         long. The MCC crew rolled into Grenada the             Top Male / Female Team in Crappie Masters
         1st week of October with one thing in mind,            for the 2017 Season. Yes, we were competing
         find and catch some “Hogs”. That’s the clos-           against true professionals. We should make
         est word to describe the                                                     them do like they do in
         size of fish that lurks in                                                   golf, give us a handicap.
         those waters. The lake                                                              Finishing in 4th
         gets constant pressure,                                                      place was another father/
         not just from tournament                                                     son team of Stephen
         fishermen, but guides and                                                    Turner and Matthew Turn-
         locals. It’s nothing to see                                                  er with 12.85#’s. Stephen
         more out-of-state tags in                                                    and Matthew are part of
         the parking lot than in-                                                     the Yazoo City Crew. He’s
         state on any given day.                                                      bringing Matthew along
         No matter how many                                                           quite well, introducing him
         fish that’s taken out they                                                   to crappie fishing a few
         somehow seem to restock                                                      years ago and now he’s
         and replenish themselves. I really think every         hooked on fish and not that other crap. I really
         egg that’s laid in this lake gets hatched.             think their secret this time was bringing Mom
                Congratulations to Jason and Parker             (Dawn) along. I think Dawn was the “Game
         Eichwurtzle, from my hometown of Florence,             Changer”.
         Mississippi with 13.98#’s. My hats off to Jason               Rounding out the top five was William
         for bringing that young man up the way his             Smith and Tony McKay with 12.83#’s. These
         dad and my dad did us. Parker is such a nice           guys hooked up with us on last year and
         and polite young man; it’s yes sir and no sir.         they’ve been getting better each tournament.
         Please watch his interview on our YouTube              William is a die-hard slow troller that knows
         Channel. Parker says he caught the fish and            how to find big fish; he’s also a cop from Tuni-
         Jason was his net man. I do know one thing;            ca. That’s a good thing with the bunch we got,
         this is not Jason’s first rodeo. He knows how          never know when we may need his services.
         to crappie fish.                                              Next up is Big, Bad, Barnett; be care-
                Coming in 2nd was Bill Thornburg and            ful guys, the lake is loaded with big fish and
         Bob Grantham with 13.65#’s. These Green-               rebar. That’s right, somebody in their twisted
         wood, Mississippi guys fished the river channel  mind drove rebar in half the stumps on the
         on the Scuna side and caught big-ole fat sows  lake. It’s a boat killer.
         in the wind. They concentrated on the light                   Here’s a little hint, ask around about
         bite and made every bite count. I really think         the following places: Roses Bluff, Sawdust
         Bill is the secret weapon because he fished            Pile, Clear Lake, S-Curve, Welfare Hole, Oil
         with Johnny ‘Cat’ Walker at Sardis and finished  Well Woods, Pelahatchie Creek, Mill Creek and
         in the top-five. I knew Cat didn’t catch those         Cane Creek. I know Rabbit is going to kill me
         fish. It had to be Bill. Great job guys, 4/10th        but oh well. I think Barnett could produce 14+
         of a pound from winning ain’t too bad for your  pounds. See Y’all at Barnett, November 11th.

         2nd tournament with MCC.                                             Be Safe & Have a Blessed Day,
                The 3rd place winners were the home-            Bernard Williams, Vice-President & Editor

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