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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                              From The Presidents Desk - Roger Womack

               Grenada  Lake                                     and here comes little Parker Eichwurtzle. I
                                                                 think the cooler was as big as he was. I ask
               There is no better place to kick off Oc-          him what you got in that cooler, he looks at
          tober than Grenada lake. A fish fry Thursday           me and said I got some fish to weigh. I said
          evening at Collins Bait shop, those folks know         open the lid and let’s see what you got.
          they can fry some fish and make the trim-              As the cooler lid rolled back I looked down
          mings. Friday evening registration at the 333          and said I believe you got 7 big fish. Parker
          Restaurant was also superb, the food and               grabbed the basket and headed to the scales.
          service were excellent.                                When the scales locked in the weigh it was
          As for Saturday morning roll around the                13.98, what a catch. Congratulations go out to
          weather service was forecasting southeast              Parker and his dad Jason Eichwurtze, great job
          wind at 5-15 and thunderstorms, that didn’t            guys.
          phase this bunch of crappie fishermen. MCC             November 11 Magnolia will be at Ross Barnett
          had 61 teams to show up for a shot at winning          for a regular tournament and a Big Mama open
          the $1,000 payout.                                     tournament. Special note, Remember to wear
          What drama a weigh-in can create. As the line          that life jacket and kill switch when the boat is
          narrow down, the lead held at 13.65 lbs.  The          running they Will save your life.
          next team was a call to weigh, I looked around         Roger

            Roger Womack MCC President, Sheiff Alton Strider & Mayor Billy Collins

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