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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                               The Tournament Director -  Adam Calcote

                Grenada Lake is the best big fish lake in      61 teams fishing for the $1,000 1st place prize. It

         the country. It proved it’s reputation on Saturday. I   was great seeing a father/son team win and anoth-
         know it holds big fish, I saw that at                                 er finish in the top 5. You couldn’t
         the weigh-in. Catching those whales                                   have scripted it any better. I say
         is another task in itself. It fishes                                  congratulations to Jason an Parker
         totally different from from evening                                   Eichwurtzle and all the fine fisher-
         till the next morning. I mean you                                     men that tried their luck on Grena-
         can put the fish to bed this evening                                  da.
         and wakeup tomorrow morning and                                             Get ready for Big, Bad Bar-
         they’re in a totally different place.                                 nett. It can be a hit or miss, boom
         Not just a few hundred yards away                                     or bust type lake. My advice is
         but  totally gone.
                                                               to get familiar with the lake, especially the travel
              We all know they feast on gizzard shad and       routes, stay inside the channel markers, watch the
         treadfin shad; that in itself controls where you find   rebar and drive with caution. Get ready for some
         the fish. Find the bait find the fish. That’s my con-  heavy weights, it’s one of the few lakes with no size
         clusion in a nutshell.                                limit and a 30 fish creel limit. Be carefull and be

                We had an excellent turnout at Grenada,        safe, see you on the Rez. Adam

          Barnett Tournament Information

                    Friday Registration:

                     5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

           Cock-of-the-Walk Restaurant

                141 Madison Landing Cir

                  Ridgeland, MS 39157
                 Saturday Registration:

                    5:00 AM - 5:45 AM

             Madison Landing Boat Ramp

                  Start Fishing: 6:30 AM
                  Stop Fishing: 2:00 PM

                    Weigh In: 3:00 PM

             Madison Landing Boat Ramp

                All Winners Subjected to
                      Polygraph Tests

                      OVER 10 INCHES

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