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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                  Magnolia Crappie Club - Grenada Lake, Water, Water, & More Water

            High water, wind, and rain had its effects         really impressed considering the other tourna-
         on some of our fishermen at Grenada Lake,             ments scheduled for that week. We picked up
         but as always great fishermen will produce            a couple new teams for the club tournament
         great results. Out of 52 teams, only 10 teams         and the Big Mama Open. Everybody that’s
         weighed 7 fish. We had                                                       hooked on crappie fish-
         so-called Pro-Fess-I-Nal and                                                 ing loves Grenada.
         veteran crappie fishermen                                                      We (MCC) would like
         struggle to catch 7 fish,                                                    to extend our thanks to
         mainly due to high water                                                     the Grenada Tourism
         and stubborn fish. That’s                                                    Commission, the Gre-
         what makes what we do                                                        nada County Board of
         so challenging. Every day                                                    Supervisions, the COE,
         is a new day, it’s anybody’s                                                 Park Rangers, Citizens of
         game to win.                                                                 Grenada, Grenada Police
            Some of us thrive on                                                      and Sheriff Department
         tough conditions, we get to                                                  for their hospitality. We
         show our skill finding and                                                   love Grenada and Grena-
         catching the big ones. The                                                   da love us. Thank You,
         Pre-Spawn is an exciting                                                     Grenada.
         time, the big females move                                                     Now it’s on to our
         around constantly. You can                                                   (MCC) home lake, the
         find a general area that’s                                                   Rez. It’s the lake where
         holding fish but you still                                                   MCC originated. We’ll be
         have to locate them each day. Another issue           hitting it during the prime spawn. That means
         I discovered was the fish would switch color          the crappie will be in places that you can only
         preference from day to day.                           find them once a year, S-H-A-L-L-O-W. Barnett
            Don and I spent Thursday thru Saturday             is loaded with 3 pound-plus crappie. We’ve
         fishing with his 11-year-old son, Adonis Ter-         proved that several times. If you live in Cen-
         ry. If you’ve read any of my articles before          tral MS, don’t miss the chance to catch of a
         I’ve mentioned him quite a few times. He’s            fish a lifetime.
         11 going on 31. You have to keep the pres-               Listen up guys and gals, you can make
         sure on him at all times, he thinks he can            your reservations, the MCC BOD decided on
         outsmart both of us. He never admits when             our Classic Championship location for June
         he has screwed up. It’s never his fault. We           8th & 9th. It will be held Friday on Enid and
         spend both practice days slow-trolling, he            Saturday on Grenada Lake. This should make
         and I worked the front poles. I know it got           it interesting, the group that loves Enid will
         boring to him, I would look over and he’d be          have fun and the ones that love fishing Grena-
         day-dreaming or playing on his phone. One             da will enjoy Saturday. I know you’re saying,
         of his poles would go down, I would grab it,          Grenada again, it comes down to funding.
         his response was, “I was making sure the fish            Let’s get ready for the Academy Sports Big
         had it, you can’t pull it too quickly Mr. Wil-        Mama Open on the Rez, it should be some
         liams.”, yea right. We managed to catch some          great fishing. Come on down, up, or over;
         really nice fish, over 2.5#’s is good for Grena-      Barnett is a jewel, no pole limits, no size limit
         da and awesome on any other lake.                     (ours is 10’) and a 30-fish creel limit. That’s
            We had a great turnout for the Spring Club         what I call Crappie Heaven. See you on the
         Tournament and the Big Mama Open. I was               Rez. Bernard.

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