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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                               The Tournament Director -  Adam Calcote

                 Wow, this makes the 2nd time we’ve            load. The flood of 2011 or 2012 changed all our
          had freezing temperatures at start time. May-        oxbows. This lake is coming back, each year it
          be ole man winter is trying                                                 gets better. It’s something
          to tell us to skip the winter                                               about Mother Nature if we
          months. It’s hard to remem-                                                 leave it alone nature will
          ber when it’s been this cold.                                               heal itself.
          Don’t matter; we’re a tough                                                       Our sincere thanks
          bunch of competitive crappie                                                go out to the Yazoo Coun-
          fishermen. Men, women,                                                      ty Tourism Commission
          boys and girls, we’re all in
          it to win it. Congratulations                                               for being one of our old-
                                                                                      est continued sponsors.
          to the top two Jenko Spon-
          sored Teams, Vic Finkley /                                                  They’ve been with us
          Kim Gray and Rich / Shane                                                   nearly 20 years. Not only
          Moody.                                                                      them but the entire Yazoo
                                                                                      City Community supports
                 Thanks to my guest                                                   us to the fullest. We have
          partner, Mason Porter for fill-                      several teams from that area and we are proud
          ing in for Stan. We fished most of the day and       to say they are an integral part of Magnolia
          caught one fish. It was good enough for 15th         Crappie Club.
          place. I’m not ashamed to tell anyone on a day
          like we had to catch a fish was a major accom-               Let’s hope the weather gives us a break
          plishment. In 15+ mph winds, a Ranger Walleye        for a change and we have a good tournament.
          Boat is worth its weight in gold. We never got       We’re headed for our sixth tournament of the
          a drop of water on us and we stayed safe. I          season, time flies when you’re having fun or
          wouldn’t trade it for two bass boats.                when you’re crappie fishing. See you at Wolf.
                 Next up is Wolf Lake in Yazoo City, Mis-              We’ll have Notify You Where the Reg-
          sissippi. Wolf was once a top crappie lake like      istration and Weigh-in Locations by EMAIL,
          all the other oxbow lakes around. It held huge       SOCIAL MEDIA and OUR WEBSITE. Please plan
          crappie and you could catch them by the boat-        to attend. Adam

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