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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                            From The Presidents Desk - Roger Womack

               Okatibbee Ice Tournament                          people in the club. We had several great
                                                                 meals Wednesday and Thursday at the hotel.
               Teams had to make a lot of adjustments            Thanks to everyone that pitched in with all the
          on Okatibbee. NNW winds at 5-15 mid 20s to             great food.
          start the day. Trolling motors froze up, mo-                Ok back to the weigh-in. We didn’t
          tors wouldn’t start on boats, pole tips iced           have a long line at the weigh- in. Eighteen
          over, waves coming                                                             teams come rolling in
          in the boats form-                                                             to scales with fish to
          ing ice sheets on the                                                          weigh. It was a tight
          boat decks. 45 teams                                                           race but at the end, Vic
          signed up to meet the                                                          Finkley left with the big
          challenge.The Magno-                                                           fish and tournament
          lia Crappie Club had                                                           win. This is not Vic’s
          several teams that                                                             first rodeo. Congratu-
          couldn’t make the                                                              lations Vic a job well
          trip Saturday morning                                                          done.We will be back
          because of snow in                                                             Okatibbee .
          north Mississippi.                                                               Next month the
               Okatibbee in                                                              Magnolia Crappie Club
          January is normally                                                            travels to Yazoo City,
          a great tournament.                                                            Mississippi to fish Wolf
          Everyone catches a lot                                                         Lake. Come join us and
          of crappie and fellow-                                                         have a little fun catch-
          ships at the hotel.                                                            ing crappie.
          Old man winter de-                                                               Just a reminder, the
          cided against teams                                                            season is halfway over.
          catching fish.                                         To fish the championship, teams MUST FIN-
               I had two days to talk with a lot of great        ISH IN THE TOP 40 IN THE POINTS RACE
                                                                 OR FISH 8 TOURNAMENTS.     Roger

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