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                              Magnolia Crappie Club - Okatibbee At Its Worst!!!

                  Imagine this, the outside temp is 17                 Congratulations to all the teams that
           or 18 degrees, the wind is blowing 20+ mph           weighed a fish, these 16 teams deserve
           out of the north down the middle of the lake.  the prizes. My hat’s off to Vic Finkley, what
           Your plans are to fish the south end of the          and man, what a man. At 79 years-old, he
           lake. You get in the boat                                                    showed us how it could
           and all the pumps are                                                        be done; he caught 7
           frozen before you start,                                                     fish and weighed the
           tilt and trim are nearly                                                     big fish of the tour-
           frozen, so is the steer-                                                     nament. The Moody’s
           ing cables. You are the                                                      (Rick and Shane) from
           3rd boat to launch and                                                       Missouri finished 2nd.
           the ramp has ice. Now                                                        These guys drove
           you get the boat in, get                                                     400+ miles, 8 hours
           cranked and ready to                                                         one way to fish this
           travel. The wind spray                                                       event. I didn’t tell my
           from the waves splash all                                                    wife that there were
           over you and your part-                                                      others that need some
           ner. Once you get to your                                                    psychological help too.
           spot it’s 3-foot rollers,                                                         I would like to
           and waves coming over                                                        thank the Lauder-
           the front and back of                                                        dale County Tourism
           the boat turning to sheets of ice within 10          for their unending support. This group has
           minutes. Now that sounds like a horror story,        sponsored our Okatibbee tournament for the
                                                                last 5 years. We (MCC) cannot express how
           no that didn’t happen at one of your north-          much we appreciate their support.
           ern lakes, it was the conditions we faced at
                                                                       You might not realize it but, we’re
           Okatibbee outside of Meridian, Mississippi             halfway thru the 2018 season. We’ve had
           the 2nd weekend of January 2018.                     an excellent run, lots of new faces and with
                  We’ve been blessed in the past with           new faces, new competition. Each year we
           excellent weather during January. Ole man            lose a few and gain a few, that’s the way it
           winter was not as nice this time. My wife            is in tournament fishing. This sport ain’t for
           asked me if I was crazy, insane or just plain        everybody. It takes a special type of person
           stupid. I answered yes to all three. She said        and a major commitment to hang with us.
           I know you’ve done some off-the-wall stuff                  Look out Yazoo City, MCC is coming
           in the past but this takes the cake. On top of       to Wolf Lake. This is another location that
           that, you’re taking a 71 year-old-man with           loves MCC. We get the Royal Treatment each
           you. When something is true you just can’t           and every time we come to town. Lets not
           argue.                                               disappoint our wonderful sponsors around
                  I didn’t practice for this tournament,        Wolf Lake. The fish should be starting to
           so I arrived around 5 am at the lake only to         spawn and I hear Wolf is on a comeback for
           see 40+ other boats and fishermen doing              an Oxbow. We’ll see you bright and early on
           the same, catch 7 fish and go home. After            February 10th, 2018 in Yazoo City.
           about 3 hours of grueling punishment, I real-               Be Safe & Have a Blessed Day,
           ized it was time to throw in the towel. It was       Bernard Williams, Vice-President & Editor
           just too dangerous.

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