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662-907-4080    2012-13 Issue 6 Feb. 2, 2013

Sardis - New Tournament Lake Record - John Harrison - Need I say more

Sardis - John Harrison wins it all ……..                                           Continued……...

                                                                                      On another note, MCC now has members in 9 states, that’s right,
                                                                                  nine states. We had a team join us from Decatur, IL. That’s an 8
                                                                                  hour drive any way you look at it. Rick Barnes and Bryan Cleland
                                                                                  drove down again to fish the MCC Sardis event. Both had fished the
                                                                                  Big Mama Open last fall and loved it. Rick and Bryan are great guys
                                                                                  and good fisherman. I think the big slabs got em hooked.

                                                                                      We also had Jackie Corman from Nicholasville, KY and Don
                                                                                  Beasley from Lancaster, KY join us. They live almost 9 hours away.
                                                                                  Now when I hear our members complain about driving around 3
                                                                                  hours, I say so what. Jackie and Don live with hollowing distance
                                                                                  from Kentucky Lake, what is it about the MS Lakes that makes guys
                                                                                  drive a day just to fish here? I know, the fish.

                                                                                      Last but not least, we had Neil Hillard from Coal Creek, CO team
                                                                                  up with Grenada guide Vick Finkley and fish the Sardis tournament.
                                                                                  Neil says the drive from home is around 1,200 mile, that’s 21 hours
                                                                                  pulling a boat. Wow, ain't no way I could do that. Neil, when those
                                                                                  boys from out west hear about how you’re catching em’ slabs, I’m
                                                                                  sure more of them will migrate this way.

Grenada Lake Guide & B’n’M Prostaff Member John Harrison blew everyone                I met another young man Saturday, 12-year-old Beau Nichols
away with 16.29#s. John fished solo so all the “green leaves” went to him. Good   from Star, MS. Beau is the right-guard for McLaurin Jr. High Tigers.
job ‘Lil Buddy’, You showed us that you really don’t need a net man. John also    He joined his dad Jake and Uncle Chris Criswell. I love seeing the
had the big fish, a huge 2.95# monster, unheard of for Sardis this time of year.  boys and girls brave the cold and rain to fish. Teach them to fish and
                                                                                  feed them for a life time. Beau is a good kid, yes sir and no sir is
     In my years of tournament fishing I’ve discovered one simple fact,           how he speaks. You can tell when a kid has that discipline, it shows
the weather will not cooperate with tournament fishing events. That               in everything they do. Who knows, we may see Beau playing on
was the case for MCC on Friday and Saturday. We left Jackson Fri-                 Sundays one of these days.
day morning with a temperature of 43 deg. no wind and arrived at
Batesville around 6AM to a cold 25 deg. with 20mph winds out of the                   I must commend the MCC bunch, we’re on the down side of the
north. That’s COLD my friends, too cold to fish. I didn't see a boat on           tournament season. We’re headed to some big-fish lakes from now
the water until around 10am.                                                      on out. The pre-spawn is just around the corner, and the weather will
                                                                                  get better, hopefully. The fishing is going to get better, the fish are
    John Harrison was the first boat I saw Friday morning. Seems he               going to get bigger. If you’ve never experienced the thrill of walking
found his ‘nest’ early that morning, caught two 16” slabs and moved               on stage with a big bucket of slabs, getting your name called and
on. I learned a valuable lesson, ‘watch John Harrison, see him fishing            seeing your name on that big electronic scoreboard in 1st place. You
a spot and you automatically need to hit a way-point”. I know, that’s             don't know what you’re missing. It’s addicting, nothing you can do
not ethical but..                                                                 can compare to that feeling.

    John’s a great guy, you can’t find a better person, he don’t care                 I know we’re an amateur club of weekend guys and gals that love
how many boats crowd him, he’s gonna catch fish regardless. I really              the sport of crappie fishing. I saw something Saturday morning that
think he’s kin to a crappie. My interview with John revealed several              struck home. Chris and Jake were having boat trouble, Mr. Charles
things. He caught his fish fishing only 3’ deep, he used 16’ BGJP                 Lindsay and Charles Jr., would not leave the landing until Chris and
poles. He wanted his bait as far away from the boat as possible. He               Jake got their boat started. Don and I did what we could to help, but
also turned off all his electronics, no need for a depth-finder, hit the          Charles Jr., got the engine cranked, diagnosed the problem and
trolling motor as little as possible. No noise, shallow fish are spooky           away they went. Now that my friends is what MCC is all about. None
enough, no need in letting them know you’re there.                                of us make a living tournament fishing. We’re doing it for fun. When
                                                                                  we can help each other we stop the presses.
    That’s a genius move. However, there are issues using the extra-
long poles fishing solo. The fish are hard to land without a net-man.                 On the way home Don and I pulled over to relieve ourselves and
John endured, he says he lost at least two fish larger than the 2.95              3 or 4 trucks stopped to see if we were having trouble. Now I’ve
due to not having a net-man. John has another quality that’s hard to              seen so-called ‘Church Folk’ keep going. So what does that tell you.
find, humility. John doesn’t have an arrogant bone in his body.                   Naw, you make the decision.
That’s more than I can say for some of my buddies. Ain't calling no
names y’all know who you are. Winning doesn’t affect John in any                      Lake Washington is next, Last year our biggest fish came out of
way, all he says is ‘hey buddy, I just got lucky today’. All I can say is         here. Don’t miss the action, should be off the chain. We’re planning
when John’s fishing one of his lakes, we’re fishing for 2nd place.                a Friday-Nite get-to-gather like no other, buffet style all you can eat.
That’s ok, I’ll take 2nd place any day. The Lord blessed you with a               I wouldn’t miss that for the world, I don’t know what restaurant in-its-
remarkable talent.                                                                right-mine would offer this bunch an all-you-can-eat. Maybe it’s a
                                                                                  going-out-of-business deal, if not it probably will. See you Later. BW
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