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                                     Sardis Lake - Way To Start The Season!!!

                Well guys and gals, we’re off and run-          to grow each year. We have an excellent team
         ning, another fantastic season in our grasp.           that works together unselfishly for the members
         What a way to open our crappie season. 51              of MCC. In other words, we do what’s best for
         teams from 5 states came to Sardis and partic-         all the members of this club. The way it’s going,
         ipated. At early morning registration, it looked       you better get your 8 tournaments because try-
         like the line of boat traffic                                                ing to finish in the top-40
         would never end. We had                                                      may not work this time.
         to extend the registration                                                          Congratulations to
         30+ minutes to get ev-                                                       Jimmy and Ricky Smith of
         eryone signed up. Talking                                                    Brookhaven, MS for their
         about a great problem to                                                     1st win of the 2018 season.
         have, we call that fantastic.                                                Ricky says, “I owe this win
                I would like to thank                                                 to my brother, he realized
         everyone that gave us                                                        our tactic was not getting
         assistance, Jake Taylor with                                                 the job done by mid-morn-
         the video, Scott Ryals and                                                   ing. He insisted we re-
         Richard Sanders with the                                                     group and try a different
         weigh-in station, and the                                                    approach. I objected and
         many others that helped us                                                   expressed my opinion. I
         get set up and organized. Most members have            agreed to disagree. Jimmy won over and we
         no clue what it takes for us to just set-up for a      made the change. In a matter of minutes, the
         tournament. Especially an all-volunteer orga-          change started to produce better results. In the
         nization like Magnolia Crappie Club, it’s a lot of     end, I give Jimmy all the credit for his foresight.
         work. I had a new member ask me, “How much  It’s what I call teamwork.”
         do they pay you all to do what you do?” My                    Congratulations to the 2nd place win-
         answer was the same thing they’re paying you           ners, Jimmy Cornell and Richard Adams, they
         to fish the club, “Nothing”. We just enjoy doing       weighed 10.58#’s with 7 solid fish. Terry
         what we do, producing crappie tournaments.             and Cole Stewart was a close 3rd place with
                This season is turning out to be a record       10.46#’s. A brand-new team Freddie Gilliland
         year as far as participation and sponsors. We’ve  and Rodney Blackburn was 4th with 10.41#’s.
         been blessed to have a record number of new            Rounding out the Top-5 were Johnny Walker
         and renewed sponsors this early in the year. It        and his new teammate, Bill Thornburg with
         took some serious planning, we started submit-         10.27#’s. I think Bill is going to be a keeper;
         ting our tourism proposals in early March of this  he’s hooked on tournament fishing. Way to go,
         year. Most of our Tourism Commissions operate          Bill we need you to keep ole Cat straight.
         on a fiscal year that ends in September. Bud-                 Finally, we know we had several teams
         gets are submitted in July for approval. If you’re  that couldn’t make it due to other obligations.
         not ahead of the game on the solicitation, you         Big Bad Grenada is up next, better get your
         miss the boat. There’s lots of competition for         house in order and join us for some fantastic
         those tourism funds.                                   fall crappie fishing. Grenada is known to give up
                Another great thing about MCC is our            some huge weights during the month of Octo-
         track record. We’ve never made a promise to            ber. The water level should be perfect, halfway
         a CVB that we didn’t keep. As a matter of fact,        between summer and winter pool. See you at
         we’ve overproduced on most. That’s due to the          Grenada!!!
         dedication our members have to the sport of                   Be Safe & Have a Blessed Day,
         crappie fishing. I see that commitment continue  Bernard Williams, Vice-President & Editor

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