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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                              From The Presidents Desk - Roger Womack

               Sardis  Lake                                      changed several times and about halfway
               What a way to start the 2018 season. A            through, the Smith Brothers from Brookhav-
          total of 51 teams from five (5) states came to         en, MS put 10.79#’s on the scales and their
          show off their crappie fishing                               excitement began to grow. Each time
          skills. MCC had 7 brand new                                  another team would put their baskets on
          teams join the club. We have                                 the scales and the weights would pop-
          41 sponsors this early in the                                up, you could see them breathe a sigh
          season and it’s growing each                                 of relief. At the end of the weigh-in, their
          week. Hard work is paying                                    worry changed to excitement and joy.
          great dividens.                                              Congratulations Ricky and Jimmy Smith
               I want to thank our                                     on a fantastic job of finding, catching
          Board of Directors for their                                 and weighing 7 Big Sardis Crappie.
          unending dedication across                                          Next month, October 7th, get
          the summer. I also want to                                   ready for Grenada, known all over as
          thank our volunteers that                                    the Best Crappie Lake in America. This
          helped with the weigh-in. It’s wonderful to see        will be an eye-opener when the weights are
          everyone working together for a good cause.            dropped on the scales. Come on and have
               I looked around at the weigh-in and ev-           some fun at Grenada. A lot of good fishing and
          eryone was enjoying themselves and having a            lots of places to eat. Be sure to tell our spon-
          great time. That’s a sign that things are work-        sors, you’re with MCC!!!
               As the weigh-in got underway the lead             Roger

                                         Lance Evans - Weigh-Master

          Sardis Lake

                 Sardis can fool you at times. It’s loaded with fish,
          lots of 12” and smaller fish. It takes lots of patience and
          pre-fishing to locate and catch those giants as I call them.
          Don’t get me wrong, I love this fishery, it’s ranked in the
          top 5 crappie lakes in the country for a reason, it’s known
          to produce some Giant Giants.
                 Please bear with me as I learn the weigh-masters
          job. It’s an exciting job and a lot of action. You have to
          pay close attention to what you are doing. I’ll get better
          as time goes on, so if you see me make a mistake, don’t
          hesitate to bring it to my attention. My heart is truly into
          doing a good job.

                 I love crappie fishing, I love the sport and the spe-
          cies. I’m going to make sure all weighed in fish are legal
          and in good condition. So if you have a fish that you think
          may be questionable, please check it before you bring it
          to the scales. We will follow the rules when it comes to our weighable fish. Other than that, we’ll
          see you at Grenada on October 7th. Better have your equipment together, Grenada got some

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