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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                               The Secretary - Treasurer -  Paula Nowell

                The Magnolia Crappie Club members
         never cease to amaze me, when I think
         they’re going to let me down, then lo and
         behold they show up and show out. Never
         in my wildest dreams would I’ve expected
         that many teams to fish at Sardis. It’s just
         too many things going on in September to
         expect that. I could not believe the number
         of new teams that came from miles away. I
         never would expect to see Mr. Chuck Mat-
         tison from Iowa to drive 900+ miles to fish
         Sardis. All I can say is, Bless you Magnolia.
                Saturday morning registration was
         mystical, it looked like the line would never
         end. As fast as I could finish one registra-
         tion, 2 or 3 more would fill the line. I’m not
         complaining, that was a good problem to
                My husband and partner couldn’t
         attend, I fished with Joey Watkins, he’s a
         super nice and respectable young man.
         Thank you, Stan, for raising that boy the
         way kids are supposed to be raised and
         thank you, Joey, for all your help and
         expertise. I couldn’t have picked a better            It’s the best because we continue to strive to
         partner.                                              make it what it is, Our Club. Be safe and cour-
                        I would like to thank everyone         teous to each other and lets continue to grow
         for their assistance. We do lots of work behind       as a Crappie Fishing Family.
         the scenes that never get noticed. We really
         appreciate them lending a hand. .                     Paula
                Lastly, let’s all enjoy what we have, that
         is the Best Crappie Club in America, no doubt.

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