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662-907-4080  2012-13 Issue 8 Mar. 23, 2013

Grenada II - Big Mama Open IV - Big Bad MCC Prevails Despite ….

Grenada II - Blount & Sullivan Continues ...                                      BMO IV - The Smith Boys are on a ROLL …….

Keith Sullivan & Monty Blount takes Grenada II with a strong finish of 16.44#’s.  Ricky & Jimmy Smith took the top prize for BMO IV with a 3.19# Grenada Slab.
They also finished 3rd in the Big Mama Open with a 3.03# Grenada Slab. Gre-       They also had the Big Fish for MCC Club Tournament. Congratulation guys, this
nada’s been good for this team, with consistent finishes in the top 5.            makes two consecutive tournaments they’ve landed a 3# fish. Keep it up guys.

    Monty & Keith are true die-hards, they practice hard and fish hard.               Our 4th Big Mama Open was deemed to be the biggest in club
I watched them pre-fish Friday in cold, rainy, windy weather. Nothing             history, however with the threat of severe thunderstorms many
seemed to slow this veteran team. They were checking shallow and                  would-be entries backed out. However the Lord shined on us and
deep water with pin-point accuracy. Never stopping more than a few                allowed us to have success despite the weather predictions. I
moments in one spot, this is what it takes to win and winning is what             think the Friday night prayer by Mr. A.E. Smith was heard up-
this pair has done more than once.                                                stairs. Mr. Smith told me before the pre-tournament meeting that
                                                                                  sometime you have to have “Prayer-Meeting on the Water”,
    I talked to Keith at the South Graysport Landing Friday, Keith                guess he was right.
stated that we must be crazy to come out in 15-20mph wind and rain
and pre-fish for a crappie tournament. Matter of fact he stated his                   I pre-fished with Ricky and Jimmy all day Friday around the
wife also agreed that he need to be checked in for mental evaluation.             Graysport Bridge. I watch them pull one after another slab from
                                                                                  the ditch by the bridge. When I interviewed Jimmy after the
   Terry Stewart, the MCC Tournament Director, tried to interview                 weigh-in, he stated he caught the winning fish in the same spot I
Monty and Keith at the weigh-in and all he could get were general                 fished most of Friday. I kind of believe Jimmy, he’s always been a
vague answers. Hey guys you won, we don't have another tourna-                    straight shooter, no sand-bagging from him.
ment on Grenada until the fall. Give us a clue, I promise you we will
not remember anything by then. When Terry asked Monty how deep                        Terry interviewed Ricky and asked where and how did they
the water was, Monty replied, “I don't have a depth-finder”. He asked             catch that 3.19# fish. Ricky’s answer was “I told Jimmy when I
where were you fishing, Monty replied, “South of the Graysport                    put that 4” minnow on the hook, we ain't gonna have to measure
Bridge”, ok that narrows it down to about one-half the lake. Oh well,             the fish that hits this one. Its gonna win the whole thing”. Well
at least he told the truth. He was fishing south of the bridge and the            Ricky, guess you hit the nail on the head. It did win the whole
water was so shallow you didn't need a depth-finder.                              thing.

    Monty and Keith proved something I figured out some time ago,                     MCC would like to thank all 42 teams that participated in the
you don't need a big fancy boat fully-rigged with all the latest elec-            BMO. This is our championship fundraiser, and to the MCC mem-
tronic gadgets, dozens of poles for every crappie fishing technique in            bers that didn’t fish the BMO, “Shame On You”. We shouldn't
existence. All you need is two dedicated, persistent, experienced                 have to make it mandatory that you fish our championship fund-
fisherman, determined not to give in to the elements to win crappie               raiser to fish the state championship, you should do it because
tournaments.                                                                      it’s the right thing to do... All the money raised in the BMO is
                                                                                  paid back during the championship. It’s not right for you to expect
    I say congratulations my friends, you deserve the win. You put                someone else to fund your championship. It just don't make
your time in and you reaped your rewards. My dad often reminded                   sense. And that my friend is the Bottom Line. Oh well what can I
me that the only place Success comes before Work is in the diction-               say, boys will be boys, and men will be men. BW
ary. You proved his point today on Grenada. Keep it up guys, MCC is
loaded with talent. Day in, day out, these guys continue to prove they
are true to the sport of Crappie Fishing. Enough said. BW
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