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662-907-4080  2012-13 Issue 7 Mar. 2, 2013

Lake Washington - New Club Big-Fish Record - The Nowell’s - 3 over 3#’s

Washington - Mr. & Mrs. Nowell Takes It All                                      Continued……...

                                                                                     On another note, Don & I were getting ready to leave Saturday
                                                                                 morning when his 5-year-old son, Adonis got sick. I mean very sick.
                                                                                 Stomach cramps that wouldn't stop. Don & Elizabeth rushed him to
                                                                                 the emergency room. The checked his appendix and for the flu. The
                                                                                 doctor suggested they watch him for 24 hours. He’s a lot better now.
                                                                                 Don suggested I fish alone, just couldn't do it. Our family’s health is
                                                                                 way more important that fishing. Sometimes we’ve gotta put first
                                                                                 things first.

                                                                                     I did make the weigh-in, drove 100 miles just to take pictures and
                                                                                 see the excitement. My wife says I’m crazy, that’s true. I just love the
                                                                                 sport. I’m glad I didn't miss the excitement. I didn't miss freezing, got
                                                                                 plenty of that on Friday pre-fishing.

Paula & Michael Nowell not only won the Washington Tournament - 17.23#’s,
they had Big-Fish - 3.49#’s, a New Club Record and 3 fish over 3#’s (3.49#,
3.14#, 3.01#). That’s incredible, considering the weather conditions 27° with a
NW wind at 20 to 27 mph. Chill factor around 0° sitting still. That is C-O-L-D.

    Persistence pays off, that’s all I can say about the Lake Washing-           Yes, those are R-E-A-L Tears. Paula, is that all I got to do to win a tournament.
ton tournament. Y’all know Michael and Paula Nowell, from Meridian,              Must not be, I’ve been crying for 4 or 5 years. Nothing ever happens. Congrats.
MS. They’re always there, every tourney. It finally came to fruition for
this lovely couple. We always knew they loved to fish and they proved                I’ve got to say something about MCC. We’ve now moved to the
it at Lake Washington. On a day when most members struggled to                   next level, Conservation. Did y’all see the fish tank Ken & Larry
catch 7 fish, this team culled more fish than the average team caught.           arranged? That’s what I’m talking about. We’ve finally realized that

    According to Mike & Paula, everything they caught was over 2#.                                                                              the big females need
They could have weighed at least 14 more pounds with the culls. Now                                                                             to be released in
that’s awesome. All I can say is “Y’all should have saved some for                                                                              order to keep the 3#
Grenada”, maybe not, at the rate y’all are going Grenada will take                                                                              genes. We were
care of itself. No need to take sand to the beach.                                                                                              able to save 95% of
                                                                                                                                                the weigh-in fish.
    Let me tell you a little about the Nowell’s. They’re almost newly-                                                                          Thank you Ken, Lar-
weds, been married about 2 years. They celebrated their honeymoon                                                                               ry & MCC. It makes
crappie fishing at Arkabutla a couple of summers ago. That should                                                                               no sense to keep the
tell you something about the Nowell’s, they love crappie fishing.                                                                               big sows unless you
We’ve got some superb husband / wife teams, I don’t know any that                                                                               plan to have them
would agree to spending their anniversary, birthday or any special                                                                              mounted. The 12” to
event crappie fishing, certainly not the honeymoon. My wife would                                                                               14” crappie make
become my ex-wife for just suggesting something like that. Paula you                                                                            better filets anyway.
are special, one-in-a-whole-lot. Mike you lucky dog.                                                                                            It was amazing, no
                                                                                 one complained at all about returning their fish to the lake. Our plan
    Ok for the secret, Mike says he used something called Crappie                is to continue our catch-and-release on all our tournaments.
Critters with minnows, I think they call them Crappie Critters. So did
other teams to no avail. Mike & Paula’s success came by the boat                     At one time I thought big crappie would replenish themselves,
speed, .5mph and making erratic and quick left & right turns, i.e. they          however after seeing great lakes like Barnett slow down in produc-
used my Wild-Cat Trolling Method. I told y’all it would work. They fig-          ing big crappie, I’ve changed my attitude. I can now put these big
ured it out by accident.                                                         mommas back and feel good about it. I want to leave big crappie for
                                                                                 the younger generation to enjoy just like my dad did for me. BW
   Last but not least, I say congratulations to the Nowell’s. I can’t think
of a more deserving team. They do anything asked of them. Never
complain, they just do it. Yes we have a great club, and it’s because
of people like Mike & Paula. If you carry yourself in the right way, you
don’t have to tell people what your beliefs are, they can see them in
you before you get to them. You can’t buy good character, you have
to develop it in time. The Nowell’s are people of character. BW
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