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Page 1  MCC NEWSLETTER                                                                     2013-14 Issue 6 February 22, 2014


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        MCC - Lake Washington Tournament - Just Don’t Get No Better!!

        Brad Taylor & Carl Mangrum - Tournament Winners                      Big Fish Winners - Steve & David White

Hometown partners Carl Mangrum & Brad Taylor win at Lake                     The “White Boys”, no pun intended, blew us away with a 3.17#
Washington with 16.60#’s. Now that’s almost a 2.4# per fish aver-            & a 3.00# slabs. That’s right Steve & David, former Washington
age. That’s awesome fish, but average for Lake Washington.                   Winners, from Monticello AR, love fishing MCC Tournaments.

    Y’all ever been fishing on a day when you didn’t want the day to end?         David & Steve White are no amateurs when it comes to competitive
Well that’s what the fishing was like at Lake Washington on Friday and       fishing, they love the river lakes. David says they’re new to slow-trolling or
almost as good on Saturday. At one point during Friday’s pre-fishing I       spider-rigging. They’re long-liners strictly, no minnows, just jigs. That all
noticed at least 10 of the 12 boats in site netting a fish. I’m not talking  changed at Washington. Steve & David, slow-trolling is not my favorite
about hand-sized, I talking about 2#’s or better. Huge fish, you know, the   either. But when you have 50 degree water, that’s not favorable to our style
kind that look like footballs, loaded with big sacks of roe almost ready to  of fishing. Ok, our day is coming, soon and very soon.
burst. Yes, I will say, Lake Washington is my premier Crappie Lake in the
country.                                                                        I tried my best to interview these guys, no specifics, just general an-
                                                                             swers. Seems they’ll be back next week for CrappieMasters. All I could get
   It’s hard to beat a man on his home lake. B’n’m ProStaffer Brad Taylor &  out of them was, they were moving real slow and fishing real deep. Guess
Carl Mangrum proved just that on Saturday. This Greenville team meant        that will have to do for now. No one else broke the magical 3# mark. For
business, bring 16.60#’s to the scales. They were on the big fish most of    you non-crappie anglers, a 3# crappie ranks in the 10# bass range. I will
the day. I saw them cull fish most of us could have weighed. Brad says       say they saved both fish for wall-hangers, they were trophies for real.
they found the fish Friday afternoon on the south end of the lake in a 100
yard stretch of water about 6 to 8 feet deep. They used double minnow rigs      We had 43 teams, we weighed 263 fish for a total weight of 451#’s. The
on 16’ B’n’M BGJP poles. They fished about 4’ deep with small to medium      average team weight was 10.24#’s fish and average fish per team was
minnows, moving about .2 to .3 mph. They landed at least 20 or more fish     6.12. The average fish weight was 1.71#’s. That is awesome numbers for
during the day. Water temps on Friday ranged around 58 to 60 degrees,        any lake and especially February. We had 4 teams that left early or didn’t
on Saturday it ranged about 53 to 56 degrees with overcast skies. The        weigh in. In my opinion, there’s no better lake in the country for crappie
winds ranged from 8 to 12 mph most of the day.                               fishing than Washington. Guess I’m not the only one who believes that,
                                                                             CrappieMasters is having it’s spring tournament and National Champion-
   Coming in 2nd was the B’n’m ProStaff team of John Harrison and Kent       ship on Washington.
Driscoll with 16.32#’s. These guys were on the water well before daylight,
they quickly found the pattern for Saturday morning, the fish were about 2’     Gotta hand it to Ken & Larry, this is the 2nd year in a row that the weigh-
deeper than on Friday. They fished the north end of the lake in 4 to 5 feet  in fish were returned to the lake. They returned well over 200 fish back to
of water, about 3’ deep. They pushed double minnows and double 1/8 jigs      the lake. I think that’s wonderful. We showed everyone that it’s not the fish
tipped with minnows. They quickly downsized the minnows and jigs and         we’re after, just the fishing. Thank you Carley Middleton for helping.
BAM! They were on. These guys fished in a group of about 8 to 10 boats
and nobody noticed the adjustment these guys had made. Everyone else            Next up, Big Bad Grenada, that’s right MCC will invade Grenada March
was fishing the Friday pattern, 1 to 2 feet below the surface.               15th for our 2nd Annual Spring Big Mama Open and MCC’s 7th Regular
                                                                             Season Tournament. If you love crappie fishing like I do, you better get
   Richard Sanders and William Tyer finished 3rd with 15.43#’s. These        your gear in order and join us for what we predict will be the biggest and
guys also slow-trolled double minnows in 5’ to 6’ of water. They weighed a   best BMO in the history in MCC. Better get your reservations soon, we’re
2.64# big fish, good job guys. That’s an excellent weight for any day. BW    expecting a huge crowd. Y’all know them boys up north of the Mason-Dixon
                                                                             line will be there, you better not miss this unique opportunity. Bernard
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