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                       360 Sonar - How New

                                  Technology Has

                            Changed the Game

                         By Bernard Williams, Outdoor Writer, Magnolia Crappie Club

       Turning on the 360 sonar and watching it light up        ments for transmitting and receiving. Garmin uses
       reminds me somewhat of a video game. 360 so-             nearly 100 of these elements, far more than the 8
       nar is the latest and greatest in sport fishing sonar.   to 15 elements used in the other transducers. The
       What we’re seeing in 360 sonar was once only             more elements used the clearer and more precise
       available to military and top-end commercial appli-      the picture becomes.
       cations. For anyone unfamiliar with this technology,     Continued..............
       it creates a picture of what’s ahead and around
       your boat.
       A few years ago we were raving
       about side-scan and down-scan
       and what it could do. Never before
       could we see the lake floor in such
       clarity. All that has changed and a
       number of companies are offering
       units that are “All-Seeing”. Lowrance
       offers the SpotlightScan, Sinrad has
       Forward Scan, and Garmin has the

       My experience is with the transom
       mounted “Down-Looking” trans-
       ducer. I chose this unit because is
       mainly fish from the back of my
       boat, although sometimes I wish I
       had the forward-looking transducer
       mounted to my trolling motor.

       Each of the unit uses ceramic ele-
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