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                The Lake Washington tournament was              in 14’ to 17’ of water. The fish were showing

           upon us pretty quickly. The weather was per-         around 10’ to 14’. Our lure of choice was a
           fect the week before and lots of teams did           1/8th oz. horse-head jig. We used Bobby
           their practice fishing the week before. I’ve         Garland Stroll-R’s in several colors. Our most
           decided that on certain lakes, practice can          productive color was “Monkey Milk”. It was

           cause you to be at a dis-                                                          massive trash in
           advantage. What I mean                                                             the water that
           is your mine gets set                                                              we had to deal
           on things that happen                                                              with, we decided
           the week or day before                                                             that the fish were
           instead of the day of the                                                          there; our job was

           tournament. It makes                                                               to keep the trash
           me slow to change my                                                               and debris off our
           game-plan. If I don’t                                                              lines.
           practice, my mind is                                                                     About 11:30

           open to change quickly.                                                            am my Terrova
                  Saturday morning                                                            just quit spinning,
           was cold; 20 degree tem-                                                           no prop turn for
           peratures are cold for an ole southern guy.          some reason. We were dead in the water.
           Top that off with a flat tire at registration.       Thank the Lord we had 10 fish with a 2+
           Thanks to Troy Garrett and Steve Marquis,            pounder that I didn’t weigh as a Big Fish. I
                                                                felt comfortable with our catch considering
           we got that changed quickly. These guys              all the equipment failures. We had enough to
           pulled out the biggest floor jack I’ve ever          finish tied for 5th place which was a blessing.
           seen, a four-way lug wrench and it was over                 Next up is Okatibbee, it’s a fish-catch-
           in 10 minutes. Thank you my friends. MCC is          ers dream. Lots of fish, most are what I call

           loaded with guys like that. It’s the reason I        eaters. So if you want to catch fish for the
           keep coming back.                                    freezer, join us in Meridian. It’s going to be
                  Oh wait, that’s not all, my trim must         fast and furious, non-stop action. We’ll be
           have frozen, it would barely lift the engine         there in full force. Let’s just hope the snow is
           causing the alarm buzzer to go off. It was           gone, I’ve made my snow-man for the year.
           good we didn’t have far to go in that cold                  From me, my family, and MCC, we

           weather. It took a few minutes to thaw out           wish you and your family a Merry Christmas
           after a boat run.                                    and a Prosperous New Year. May the Lord
                  We got started around 7am. It took a          Bless and Keep You Safe and Secure in the
           while for the fish to wake up, guess we got          coming New Year.

           our 1st fish around 8am. We watched several  Be Safe & Have a Blessed Day,
           minnow trollers catch fish and then it was           Bernard Williams, Vice-President & Editor
           our time. We fished the south end of the lake

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