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Magnolia Crappie Club Adventures Magazine

                               The Tournament Director -  Adam Calcote

                 Lake Washington was good to me, Stan and  lem to find bait on this lake, the problem is finding
          Joey. We finished in the top 10, major accomplish-   a significant number of active fish. We could never
          ment. It proved the practice                                                put that trolling bite togeth-
          was well worth the payoff.                                                  er.
          We decided early in the game                                                      Ok, on to Okatibbee.
          that long-lining would be our                                               I’ve never fished the lake,
          tactic and technique. The fish                                              I hear it’s loaded with fish.
          were extremely scattered and
          spooky. Our best bet would be                                               Putting together that 7 fish
          to present them with some-                                                  limit should not be a prob-
          thing we could get a reaction                                               lem, just be sure to bring the
          strike. I reasoned that if I                                                culling beams. It should be
          could get my jigs in front of                                               great fishing, let’s keep our
          enough fish, I could be suc-                                                fingers and toes crossed for
          cessful.                                                                    good weather. Oh well, looks
                 Cold was not the word                                                like when we say tourna-
          for Saturday morning. It’s one thing to be at or                            ment, the worst possible
          around freezing and another to be in the low 20’s.   weather gets forecast for that day. That’s why they
          That’s cold up north. Water temperatures changed     call us Tournament Fishermen.
          some, not too drastic. Low 50’s high 40’s in Decem-          We’ll have Friday Night Registration at
          ber is what to be expected.                          Okatibbee Park Hotel from 5:15 pm to 6pm
                 Another thing MCC had to its advantage was  and Saturday Morning at Okatibbee Park Ho-
          the fish were fat and healthy. They looked like little   tel from 5:30 am to 6:00 am. Start Fishing at
          footballs. Their bellies were just loaded with fat.   7am, weigh-in at 3pm. We try to make it conve-
          Washington is loaded with bait fish, it’s not a prob-  nient for everyone, please be on time. Adam

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