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                                                                               662-907-4080  2013-14 Issue 2 October 19, 2013

MCC - Wolf Lake Tournament - It’s Coming Back to True Form

Dee Ferguson / Cory Smith - Tournament Winners Continued ……

                                                                                   Coming in 4th was the Smith Brothers at 7.70#’s. These guys can
                                                                               catch fish wherever we fish. My only question is, “How many brothers do
                                                                               y’all have?” I know Jimmy, Ricky, Johnny, and Jimmy L., who did I miss?

                                                                                   Finishing out the top 5 was local guys, David McWilliams and Robbie
                                                                               Nevin at 7.26#’s. I told David that this should have been their win, but we
                                                                               all know that it’s hard for someone to win on their home lake. These guys
                                                                               are tough on any lake they fish, not just Wolf. Good job guys.

                                                                                   I knew Wolf would be tough, all the reports were poor catches with lots
                                                                               and lots of gar. I also knew the MCC bunch would figure a way to find
                                                                               and catch good fish. And that’s exactly what they did. I saw some beauti-
                                                                               ful crappie come out of this lake. It won’t be long before Wolf is back to
                                                                               it’s days of old. A good spawn here and there and a little bit of re-stocking
                                                                               from our friends at MWFP would bring this lake back to it’s 70’s and 80’s

Congratulations to Dee Ferguson and Cory Smith on their 1st MCC win. Wolf         On another note, MCC started the year with a whole new board of
Lake presented some challenges and these guys stood the test. They had the     directors and new officers. I must commend our new tournament director,
winning stringer and the Big Fish of the tournament. Way to Go Guys…..         secretary / treasurer and weigh-master for an outstanding and dedicated
                                                                               job. Ken is in his 2nd year as president and I must say he’s doing a tre-
    It’s happened for two (2) tournaments in a row, new teams coming out       mendous job promoting MCC. That’s what it’s all about. This club is big-
on top. Wolf was no different, Dee Ferguson and Cory Smith are a brand-        ger than one or two people. It took a lot of people working together to get
new team with MCC. Dee has fished with us off and on last year but his         us where we are today. We thank all of you that had a hand in forming
work schedule forced him to miss quite a few last year, but he said this       and organizing this great club. Your effort and dedication is paying great
year is gonna be different, and boy was he right.                              dividends. We still need your help. Please continue to help and support
                                                                               our efforts to make this the best crappie club in the country. If you didn’t
   Dee and Cory were the only team to break the 8 pound mark and the           know it or not, we are the talk of the town.
1.78 pound slab took home the big fish money. Dee said they started out
slow trolling early morning around mid-lake. After they caught their 7            I’ve notice something we need to address, our smaller sponsorships
weigh-in fish, they switched to long-lining. Now this is Dee’s favorite tech-  have declined drastically. We need to press our efforts for more of the
nique. I saw him all spring and summer perfecting his skills on Barnett.       $150 - $275 sponsorships. This used to be the bread and butter of our
                                                                               club finances. If each team could solicit just one sponsorship in that
   Dee stated that he had caught bigger fish long-lining and he wanted to      range, it would push our championship payout back to levels seen in the
make sure he had 7 fish before he broke out the long-lining rods. Cory         early 90’s. We’ve tried numerous fund raisers (Splash-4-Cash & BMO).
wanted to go sit in a deer stand that morning, it didn’t take too much con-    They’re all fine and dandy, but the low-level sponsorships are our ticket to
vincing from Dee to change his mind. Cory it paid off this time, I just wish   a big championship payout.
you had gone deer hunting. It would have been much easier on the rest of
us.                                                                               Here’s an idea, most guide trips costs between $300 - $400 per day for
                                                                               2 people. If we could take 1 or 2 Saturdays during the spawn and each
   Coming in at number 2 was the team of Monty Blount and Keith Sulli-         team do a MCC Sponsored Guide Trip with the money going to MCC for
van with 7.92#’s. These guys are hard to beat on Wolf Lake. They’ve            the finals, it would put us back to the big championship payouts that we
fished this lake for years and it seems that they know where the good fish     were at in the past. We all love crappie fishing, so do lots of people that
are and how to catch them. Monty and Keith are great fishermen and             don’t own boats. We have the knowledge and know-how. Let’s make it
great guys. They love crappie fishing and they’re great MCC members.           work for us and the club. If not a whole day, a half day would do.

   Placing 3rd was David Thornton fishing alone. Normally Shelton Cul-            Finally, I would like to thank everyone for the support we’ve received
pepper fishes with David. We’re sorry to hear that Shelton had surgery         from our big Exclusive Event Sponsors, . Everyone that worked hard to
due to a fall in his boat, but we’re glad to hear he’s recovering quite well.  get these sponsors, I say from all the members of MCC, Thank You. We
These guys are on another hot-streak, I’ve seen it in the past. No stopping    appreciate each and everyone of you and the work you put in to solicit
these guys when the luck is on their side. David’s 7 fish came in at 7.84      these companies and organizations. We will do everything possible to
and his big fish put him in 2nd place at 1.74#’s. Well David, did you split    show our appreciation for their support.
the pot with Shelton? I don’t think he would take it. … Bernard Williams
                                                                                  Last but not least, we’re coming up on the winter season. We all need
                                                                               to be as careful as possible to dress appropriately for the weather. Please
                                                                               wear proper clothes for the weather, keep extra clothes in your truck or
                                                                               boat, you never know when you might need them. Until next time, God
                                                                               Bless each and everyone ‘til we meet again …. Bernard Williams
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