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Magnolia Crappie Club Regular Tournament Rules

2010-2011 Season


1.       Annual membership dues are $50 per person, and are due on August 1.  Children under age of 16 are exempt from this fee.


2.       Registration times will be announced, and registration will be held on the morning of each regular tournament.  The Tournament Entry Fee is $90 per boat for each regular tournament held.  All participants, prepaid or not, must check in at the registration table the morning of the tournament and sign the Tournament Entry form.  All boats must be at the registration site and available for inspection by the Tournament Director.


3.       Fishing start times will be announced for each tournament, and all tournament fishing times end at 2:00 PM.  You must be in the weigh-in line by 3:00 PM.  Teams may be on their first fishing spot early, but they may not drop hooks into the water until the official Announced Start Time.  Tournament Entries may fish with up to six poles per boat with no more than 2 hook sets per pole.  No more than two people are allowed in tournament boats at any point during the tournament hours except for emergencies, assistance with boat troubles, or assignment of a tournament observer.  Cell phones, radios and any other form of electronic communication may not be used to get fishing information.  Electronic communication is allowed in the case of boat trouble, emergencies or personal, non-fishing related phone calls.


4.       Guest  Rule.  In an attempt to bring new members into the club, teams may invite guests to fish in our regular tournaments.  The two person per boat limit applies.  At least one of the fishing partners must be a member of MCC.  Annual membership dues will be waived for a guest's first tournament.  Should the guest wish to come back and fish in later tournaments the annual membership dues of $50 will be assessed and the guest will then become a member of MCC.  There is no limit to the number of guests a team can use during the regular season.  No guest may fish the State Championship event.  Teams must declare who the two “regular” partners are before the end of the regular tournament season.


5.       Weigh-in Rules.  Weigh-ins will begin at 3:00 PM.  At least one team member must be in the immediate weigh-in area with no more than 7 crappie caught by the tournament team on tournament day in a bucket before 3:00 PM.  Teams that have not turned in weigh-in tickets before 3:00 PM will be declared late and receive 10 points only for entering.  Fish judged by the Tournament Director to be under 10 inches will be thrown out and may not be replaced by  another fish.  Fish must be kept as healthy as possible.  There is no penalty for dead fish, but any fish that is questionable can be taken out by the Tournament Director or Weigh-master.  In the event they can not agree, the President will break the tie.  The remaining fish will be weighed.  Presenting more than 7 crappie to the weigh-in crew will cause the team to be weighed last, giving them one more opportunity to count to 7 crappie.  Teams should have no form of ice in the container when the container is handed to the weigh-in crew.  If ice is present when presented to the weigh-in crew, that team will be weighed last after they have removed all forms of ice from the container.  Fish will be weighed only one time.  Disqualified teams will receive 10 points for entering.  Teams may weigh as many Big Fish as they like.


6.       Payouts will be based on the club's 2010-2011 Regular Tournament Payout Schedule.


7.       Overall Points Rules.  Overall points will be kept for the year, and the Top Ten teams will be recognized at the Awards Banquet.  Teams will receive 10 points for each regular tournament entered.  Fish will be weighed to the nearest 1/100th of a pound, and a like number of points will be assigned to the team's points total at each regular tournament entered.


8.       Big Fish Rules.  Every boat is entered in the big fish pot upon registration.  This is not optional and is part ($10 per team) of the entry fee.  Two Big Fish prizes will be made at each regular tournament.  1st place is 60%, 2nd place is 40% of the day's Big Fish Pot.  One team may win both Big Fish prizes.


9.       Post-Season Payout Rules.  To qualify for any of the Post-Season Activities and Payouts, teams must enter in or retroactively pay the tournament entry fee for all but three (3) held tournaments, have a total of ninety (90) points or more at the end of the regular season, and each member of the team must sell at least one (1) book of raffle tickets (1 book = 25 tickets).  Tournaments that were scheduled but not held do not count for or against a team.  Teams may retroactively pay tournament entry fees for any missed regular season tournaments until the close of registration at the last regular tournament.  There will be 3 Post-Season Payout pots.  (1) Big Mama Pots.  The regular season will be divided into two splits.  The first split includes the first 5 held regular tournaments.  The second split includes the remaining held regular tournaments.  Teams may win more than one Big Mama prize per split.  The pot will be built at the rate of $5 per boat per regular tournament.  The pots for the two season splits may vary depending on the number of boats entered in each split.  Five Big Mama prizes per split will be awarded.  1St @ 30%, 2nd @ 25%, 3rd @ 20%, 4th @ 15%, 5th @ 10%.  Additionally a $250 Biggest Big Mama prize will be awarded for the heaviest fish caught during the regular season.  (2) Overall Points Payout.  $1 per point per team will be awarded to every team that meets the post season qualifications.  (3) “Championship” Payout.  The “Championship” tournament will be held at the end of the regular season.  This event will be two (2) one-day tournaments.  Exact dates and lake site(s) will be announced later.  “Championship” rules will be issued separately.


10.   In the event of inclement weather on tournament day, those members of the Governing Board present will meet and may cancel the tournament.  Entry fees for canceled tournaments that are not rescheduled will be returned.  Canceled tournaments do not count toward qualification for Post-Season activities or payouts.


11.   The Tournament Director is in charge of all activities on tournament day.  At his discretion, teams may be subject to polygraphs, boat checks, and official observers.  In the event a protest is lodged, the Tournament Director will listen to the initial complaint and may decide to take the protest to the Protest Committee as provided in the Club's By-Laws.  Protests must be filed with the Tournament Director on the day of the tournament.  All Protest Committee and Tournament Director decisions are final.  There is no appeals process.