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2014/2015 Club Magazine - Desktop Versions

Issue #1

2014/2015 Club Magazine - Mobile Versions

Issue #1

Wolf Lake Results
September 6, 2014 - Yazoo City, MS
Charles Lindsay - 8.79#'s

We say congratulations to Charles Lindsay with 7 fish weighing 8.79#’s and a big fish weighing 1.54#’s. You did excellent without Charles Jr.—Let him sleep though the next tournament too.

    And we’re off, coming around the first turn we have team Lindsay pulling off from the pack, going down the stretch coming into the last turn team Lindsay and team Horton running neck and neck. Crossing the finish line it’s team Lindsay crossing the finish line; and the winner is Charles Lindsay with 8.79#’s followed closely by Chris and Kevin Horton with 8.64#’s.
    The fishing for me was horrendous, horrible, and awful; you get the picture. I’m just not use to fishing where there’s so few fish. I did manage to catch a few small dinks; several had scales missing from being in the mouth of gar. Speaking of gar, there was no shortage of these scavengers; they were everywhere, on the edges and in the middle.
    I never like to write about the negatives of any fishing adventure but this one deserves mentioning. Wolf Lake was once a great crappie lake; man you could catch a cooler full of slabs before lunch. The flood of 2011 and the drought of 2012 did a number on the river oxbows. It’s gonna take a few good spawns to correct the problem; and just as always mother nature will correct itself if and only if we keep our hands out of the picture.
    Rabbit Rogers and Pat Jeffcoats finished 3rd with 7.77#’s followed closely by Shelton Culpepper and David Thornton with 7.71#’s. Rounding out the top 5 was Jerry Gross and his wife Debbie with 7.2#’s. Jerry’s partner Bill Burnett had other obligations and couldn’t make the trip; thank you Debbie Gross for filling in for Bill.
    Our Big Fish winners were Jerry and Debbie Gross with a 2.18# slab. I wouldn’t have believed it came out of Wolf if I didn’t see him catch it. That one fish put him in the top 5. The 2nd Big Fish was a tie with the husband wife team of Michael and Paula Nowell along with hometown boys David McWilliams and Robbie Niven weighing a 1.99# slab. David and Robbie swears they’ve been catching good fish prior to the tournament but the heavy rains during the week caused the fish to move. I think they’ve packed their bags and caught the 1st Greyhound headed out of town. Bernard Williams
Wolf Lake - Big Fish
Jerry & Debbie Gross - 2.18#'s

Team Jerry & Debbie Gross (not pictured) captured the big fish prize with a 2.18# slab. Didn’t know Wolf had fish that big; guess y’all proved me wrong again. Congratulations and good job.

    As I stated earlier, thanks to the wonderful staff and Board with the Yazoo County CVB. They always go out of their way to make sure we enjoy our visit with them. They’ve been doing this for years. We’re continuing our support of them as they continue to support MCC.
    Our next tournament will be on the world famous Grenada Lake. We’ll be rolling in there on an around October 25th. Many of our teams will fish the Crappie Masters National Championship on Lake Washington in September. Good Luck guys, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that one of you will be standing on stage raising that championship trophy and collecting those two Nitro Boats. It can happen, MCC has some of the world’s best crappie fishermen. Don’t let them guys come to our house and show out, you show them “Who’s The Daddy Around Here”.
    I’m reaching out to all MCC Members when I say let’s go out and get some sponsors. Each team needs to bring in at least one sponsor. We have many levels of sponsorships—from $150 to $5,000. No sponsorship is too small. Sell them an ad in this newsletter. It’s good for us and them too.
    Second year team Jeremy Aldridge & Clint Egbert secured a standing $5,000 sponsorship from the City of Batesville to bring the 2015 Championship to Sardis / Enid. Thank you Jeremy & Clint. When I say “Standing”, that means they will give us $5,000 each time we bring our 2-day championship to Batesville. We’ll be weighing in at the Civic Center with police escorts and all that good stuff. You know, kind of like the Bassmasters. So when you run into Jeremy or Clint, be sure to thank them for their work.
    We make progressive changes each year. This year we’re changing the layout of the newsletter to be more in line with a magazine. If you win a tournament you will make the front cover just like the outdoor magazines. If you never made a magazine cover, don’t worry, all you got to do is win a MCC tournament and you’re on the cover. Thank you and may God Bless and Keep You…. Bernard Williams

2nd Place
Kevin & Chris Horton weighed 8.64#’s and finished 2nd. Their 1.73# big fish went a long way to push their weight almost to the top.

3rd Place
Pat Jeffcoats & Rabbit Rogers finished 3rd with 7.77#’s. Rabbit & Pat consistently make the top 5. Good job, way to go……….

4th Place
Shelton Culpepper & David Thornton finished 4th with 7.71#’s. Guess that 5 or 6 days of practice really paid big dividends.

5th Place
Jerry & Debbie Gross weighed 7.29#’s to finish out the top 5. Bill Burnett couldn’t make the trip and Debbie showed her stuff.

Big Fish Winner

Big Fish Winner
Jerry & Debbie Gross—2.18#’s

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